What exactly happens when I initially add interactions to a project or page

I’ve been experimenting with adapting some Flowbite components to work with interactions. My reasoning has been twofold. Firstly there’s the age old mountaineers’ excuse of because it’s there and the second was because as I knew I wanted to use interactions for something else anyway I thought why not.

I made a bit of a hash on my first attempt(s) but once I created a new project and played around in a more structured manner I got them doing what I wanted.

Flushed with success it was back to the original project where I initially messed up. I had thought that I had removed all vestiges of interactions from the project but clearly I hadn’t, hence my question.

When you first initiate interactions for a project or page what exactly does Pinegrow then do?

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I’d be curious to know this as well. On a recent project I added interactions to a few simple elements (mobile navigation) that could of easily been done through vanilla JS and then after the fact thought about taking them out but was a bit flummoxed about how to do so.

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Activating Interactions on a page does two things:

  1. Adds an inline script that handles hiding / showing elements on page load to the head of the page
  2. Includes pgia/lib/pgia.js script in the footer

To remove Interactions remove these two scripts and all data-pg-ia* attributes.

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Well that’s what I thought and so that’s what I did.

I stripped out the script at the top of the page, the reference at the bottom and in truth everything in between and yet it still thinks interactions are active.

I guess I must have corrupted the project somehow. No big deal I can always build it again as it’s only small.

Aha… one more thing. Deactivate Interactions in File - Manage libraries and plugins. This info is stored in pinegrow.json.

And one more - delete pgia folder in the project.



Very useful info.

A more practical solution would be for there to be a “disable” button in the interactions tab of pinegrow.
Only the developers at the pinegrow editor know the ins and outs of exactly what is done by enabling interactions in a project.
I just posted a request for this in “Feature Request”.