Interactions (WildMusic) questions

  1. Why are you using style.scss?
  2. Can interactions be moved to a styles. css the way you can move inline styles to a css?
  3. pinegrow.json is added to the project when Interactions is enabled?
    Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 12.47.13 PM

Hi @kat,
I’m answering for @abirana bi who put the original together.

  1. SASS was used here just because of designer preference. The project could easily have been done with straight CSS.
  2. The Interactions need to stay as attributes of the element they are being applied onto.
  3. The pinegrow.json file is added when you open a folder as a project. (I don’t think it is there for just a file).
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Why, if I write transforms & transitions, I can have them in an external css, but can’t put interactions in an external css.

It is complicated, but the Interaction could be moved out of the HTML. But it would require a lot more JavaScript to get the Interactions put back on the correct elements, resulting in a lot more code to be loaded and slower page load times.

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Got it. Set up everything first then add interactions, right?

You can add Interactions as you put the page together. Just depends on your preferred work-flow.

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