Is there a neater/better way to use interactions?

Hi there!

First I must commend the work your team’s been doing, thanks for the tutorials,
we definitely need more of those… And I must say, Pinegrow’s an amazing tool!

I have a few questions though;

1. Is there a neater/better way to implement interactions? I found that activating
interactions adds a bit of javascript to my HTML, and applying interactions to DOM
elements adds more classes, tags or codes inline(HTML), depending on the interaction(s) used.

This makes the HTML code a little difficult to read and maintain. So I was wondering if there’s a better way to go about this.

2 . Do you have any product roadmap up? An overview of upcoming features just so we know what’s to come.

3 . Besides Wordpress, is there support for other template based platforms currently in the works? Shopify to be exact :slight_smile:

Again, great work… I absolutely appreciate you guys.

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Welcome to forum @DorianGrey.

“Pinegrow Interactions” is a visual interface for creating various types of interactions currently using Greensock’s GSAP 2 animation library under the hood along with ScrollMagic (until PGIA is updated to the latest GSAP 3 and ScrollTrigger).

Due to the visual nature and the chosen implementation approach by Pinegrow what you described is just how it is. Allowing people a visual approach to things can come with certain other drawbacks as you described. But you can always use GSAP directly in your projects without “PGIA” if you need a cleaner more maintainable approach for your projects and source.

Not really that I recall? But there have been a few threads - Thread 1 , Thread 2 - those are perhaps the closest recent mention, aside from various random comments you may find here and there. Its hard to say what the next major release of “Pinegrow 6” will bring but as a major release it should offer many new abilities and features all across the app, well hopefully.

No, none presently in the sense of how tightly Wordpress abilities are currently integrated. But its hard to say what the future may hold, for instance there was even talk of a design oriented app in development. So its hard to say what all may come next.

Thanks @Pinegrow_User… Good to be here.
Also thanks for the reply.

You know, for a bit I thought I went about using pinegrow interactions the wrong way, but I totally get that though…the drawbacks. Well you’re right, for maintainability sake I’ve had to implement interactions like you suggested; without PGIA. Would’ve been awesome if I didn’t have to, hopefully future updates will address this. :crossed_fingers:t4:

As for the product roadmap - I have just read the threads you shared, thanks. I honestly think it’ll do the PG team and community a world of good if we had a features list (maybe provisional) to follow, maybe even vote on, to help the team prioritize.

You’re also right about support for other template based platforms. Don’t know if it was ever a part of the plan, and there are no indicators it’ll happen. But see, a features list would make that clear. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks again @Pinegrow_User

You are welcome @DorianGrey

I would not really expect that since the type of implementation / output seems to have been chosen and decided upon upfront when they created Pinegrow Interactions. As seen below I also briefly mentioned the output in a previous thread.

I agree with you that it would be nice for the reasons you’ve outlined, but it seems out of scope based upon PGIA intentions.

Oh, I see. There goes my ‘one item’ pinegrow wishlist.
I’ll just carry on without it then.

Thanks again.