Is it possible to reduce the font size used in the tree view?

Is possible to adjust the font size used in the tree view? I find the feature incredibly useful, but feel it currently takes up too much space on the screen. If I could reduce the font size in that section I could see the same amount of information in a smaller width.

Also, is there a find a replace function in Pinegrow?

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Yes, it is possible:
Close PG
Create a new css File in your installation folder of Pinegrow.
Link this css File (after all other css files) in the code of “edit.html” and “empty.html”, both are in the installation folder.

Add to the new css file:
.pg-table-grid-cell {
font-size: 11px;
or any other font-size.
Restart PG.

You can change many other UI Elements with this method.
Use the Developer Tools from PG to inspect the elements and classes of PG.

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Thank you very much for the reply. That worked well for me.

Thats impressive. Thanks!