Border radius bug in visual editor

I believe I’ve discovered a very bizarre bug in the border radius feature of the visual editor. I’m on PC, Windows 7, using Pinegrow Version 4.8.

I checked it on a few different projects, as well as the Pinegrow sample page. Here is how to reproduce…

  1. Open the sample page and select any object (I selected the h2.text-center object that reads, “I HEAR YOU CALL, PINE TREE”)
  2. In the visual editor, scroll down to the border settings. Select the boxes to lock all four borders, and border radiuses together.
  3. Add a border of any thickness (4 pixels is fine.)
  4. Add a border radius of any size (10 pixels is fine.)
  5. Deselect the boxes to unlock the borders and border radiuses, so the top, bottom, left and right settings can be adjusted individually.
  6. Try adjusting the top right border radius. You should see that now, the top left radius is adjusted when you change the top right setting, and the top right radius is adjusted when you change the top left setting. In other words, the controls become reversed.

It only happens to the top radiuses. The bottom radius settings continue to work normally. Obviously it’s not a major issue, because the radiuses can still be set, but it’s a weird little bug.

Can anyone else on a PC using Pinegrow 4.8 confirm this bug?

hee hee!
yep, same happens on a Mac too :slight_smile:

PG 4.8.

nice catch! I am sure they will be thrilled to have something new to hunt down and play with :slight_smile:

But also, say you set the bottom left radius to 15, then adjust the top left to anything… the anything is applied to the top right, not top left - and bottom left, looses it’s 15 radius property as well.

Also, if you keep tinkering as I have just done, you can reset the properties, by typing 0px in the borders and radius and you end up with the visual editor showing everything as 0px, no border or radius, but, you still have a border showing in the sample page, which you can view in the browser preview too.
oops, a bit of breakage, well done on finding that.

here you go, an image.

and also some border weirdness when playing around.

Also, as long as they’re in there making adjustments, I would suggest changing the “lock borders” and “lock corners” icons so they look like this. There should also be tool-tips that appear on hover, explaining what these icons do.


And I would also make it so that when you click the little arrows in the adjustment sliders, they change the border thickness by one unit at a time. The “click & drag” feature is nice, but sometimes it’s hard to adjust by one pixel at a time.

Lastly, a button to “reset all” would also come in handy.

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