Is there anyway to turn off the auto minify function

It might be a simple quesion however I could not find the solution on the documentation. Wanna know if anyone knows the answer and that would be really appreciated.
I am currently working on some html email project. (for the email projects, all the css has to be in the html file and is put in the style tag in the head section. However , everytime I save the html file from pinegrow, it automatically minifies the style tag, which makes the css hard to read. (Of course I will minify the whole file after the job is done, but in the development stage I want it to be easier to read) Do you know if anywhere I can turn off this minify function in pinegrow? Or there is any alternative solution to this?

@sandy_zhou hi,

All I know of is Support > Settings >

Auto-format HTML code “untick”

CSS code formatting “off”