HTML Formating Customization

In addition to being able to turn formating on and off it would be great to be able to customize how the html, css is formated so if I want formating I can tell pinegrow how I want the formating done and just let pg do it the way I want instead of me having to manually format the code.

More control over how things work so I can make pinegrow work how I work and not have to change my process to that of the developers way of thinking or their “common sense” approach. I want it to work MY way.

Alternatively being able to just shut that off is nice but… I like auto format just my way of formating.


Agreed the formatting of any kind needs to be turned off. Even Dream-Weaver does not do this.

Thank you for the reply, sadly it still changes things even after I did disable the Auto-format HTML Code, which I did do before posting to this forum, the two biggest things are changing the code blocks to lower case and the oddest thing is removing the ending HTML tags.