Issues with Projects, Pinegrow dashboard, Tailwind Classes, Style Panel etc [Solved]

Is anybody else having an issue with Pinegrow not working like it used to.

  • I’m noticing my projects don’t show in the dash, I have to manually find them every time I want to open them.
  • I can’t create classes in tailwind anymore. Previous styles from before the problem started break when I try to make changes
  • I always need to re activate the style panel when I reopen a WIP project.

Please if anyone is experiencing this or has resolved it somehow let me know.


@prizonified Do you work on a project with PHP files or HTML files?

@Emmanuel Thanks for the quick response.

I work with HTML files.

Can you please send us your project?

IMPORTANT: Please do not send a direct link to one of our email addresses from the sharing service but rather create a private SHARE LINK from Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer which you will then copy into your message to the support.

If possible, please do not set an expiration date on your file share. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to view your files immediately after you send them.

@Emmanuel I’ve shared the project.

The same here with the dashboard.
Thumbnails gone in the main admin section of PG as from version 7. Now at 7.2 .
After opening several projects (html and php - WP) no thumbnails still, even after editing them.
But when creating a new html page I did get a thumbnail. :thinking:
Please note that I deleted the thumbnails in version 7 first, because they were not ordered by date anymore.
Mac Catalina.

Any progress on this issue? Bug?

Believe it or not, the problem solved itself here.
I didn’t do anything.
Don’t ask me … :upside_down_face: