Pinegrow 6.4 upgrade breaking layout


I just went ahead and upgraded Pinegrow 6.3 to 6.4. After the upgrade, I re-opened the existing project I was working right before it, and they are all broken, like if the CSS sheets were missing.

I didn’t make any changes, closed Pinegrow, and went ahead to find the version 6.3 I had before, I re-installed Version 6.3, and nothing. Now it won’t recognize my classes.

I didn’t go further to try to identify the problem but to make sure it wasn’t on my side,
I opened the project in VSCode, and everything is fine there.

Is anybody having the same problem with the new 6.4 version???

Hi @arpagrow,
Do you have the design panel turned on?
Can you make a copy of your project and delete out any files added by Pinegrow to see if it helps? If you have the Design Panel turned on don’t delete the projectdb.pgml. If it is Tailwind, don’t delete the tailwind.config.js. I haven’t had any problem with upgrading, but…

Hello Robert,

Thanks for the reply,

  1. I went ahead and deleted the project folder’s _pgbackup and _pginfo.
  2. I re-installed PG Version 6.4
  3. And the result was the same, broken elements with no style.
  4. I checked the active style sheets and they were there as they should be.

I am not sure what was the cause, but it just happened right after the latest V6.4 update
I don’t want to open other projects with PG until I see a solution :grimacing:


Hi @arpagrow,
I think that this sounds serious enough that you should share your project and a report with

Hello @arpagrow ,

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is unprecedented feedback for version 6.4.
Nevertheless, I understand your concern and fears.
Please follow the instructions to [contact support] (Contact Us | Pinegrow Web Editor).
In the meantime, don’t forget that Pinegrow 6.3 is still available for download.
Download Pinegrow | Pinegrow Web Editor

Hello Emmanuel,

Apparently, something in my windows app data folder conflicted with the previous and new version causing the broken style problem in my computer.

I followed your instructions on the email and wiped and re-installed Pinegrow. Now is working good :slight_smile: :+1:

Thank you!!

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