Pinegrow 6.21 not recognizing styles

Hello everybody,

I need some help here.

It was about 8 months that I wasn’t using Pinegrow, I tried opening it and it didn’t as my license was expired, the version I was using was 6.0, so I went ahead and renewed my license and downloaded the latest version 6.21.

After the upgrade, none of my projects would load well in Pinegrow, it looks like it wasn’t recognizing the linked style sheets.

I went to check my current CSS files linked in Pinegrow ( Page >> Manage Style Sheets), In some of the projects I won’t see them all loaded, and it will fail to update them saying they already exist.

Trying with other projects where all the style sheet show up correctly I tried re-loading Bootstrap 4 from Libraries and Plugins, but it doesn’t work either.

I load the pages in VS Code and they are working fine, but Pinegrow won’t load them all broken.

Help will be appreciated,

Hi @arpagrow,
I think you will have to contact support and send an example project to be checked. I’m not experiencing this same problem.

Well, I have been trying to contact them since Wednesday night, and I have no answer from them, that is why I had to check here and see if someone is having the same problem. I sent my emails to Info, and, but nothing yet.

I’m sorry but I find no message from you in the support inbox (I mean, since our last discussion on May 18, '20)

So, here is a reminder of the process: Contact Us | Pinegrow Web Editor

Hi Emanuel,

Thanks, Yes that is weird I don’t know why my messages aren’t reaching their destination, I have tried twice already and I don’t have any bouncing messages either.

In any case, I will try by erasing the whole program and re-installing and see if that way works, I will re-email or re-post here if I have success.

Hello Emmanuel,

I did erase Pinegrow 6.21 and re-installed version 6.0 on my computer, after that I reloaded my projects and so far everything came back to normal, I don’t know if there is a problem with the latest version or if this is only happening to me.

I would like you to double-check if my emails aren’t going to your spam folder as I don’t have any other lost emails from my account, that way you can keep helping from the support channel.

19-12-2021 at 11:26 > I confirm that I see ZERO new message from the address you use on this forum and that you had already used in the past to contact the support.
I have of course looked everywhere, including in the SPAM folder.

Can you send @arpagrow an email from support that he can reply to?