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Just the basics please

I have had Pinegrow for 7 months. The videos are way too complicated for someone new to HTML. I had hopes for the documentation, but that too gets lost in the weeds. This might be a great product, but if you can’t master the basics on it, it is of little use to the average user. Please, get a native English speaker to make a 10 minute video start to finish to create, save and export a one page html project.

All I want to know how to do is save one file that includes the Html, css and images so I can upload to S3. Please, a simple answer? Thank you.

PG is geared around working on projects where the CSS is stored in a separate file (a link tag is used in the head section to bring that styling into the html.

the beauty of this is that a single CSS document can style mutilple webpages of a website, all at one go.

if you just have ONE page of html (index.html) then you will need to use a tag and manually cut/paste the CSS document into that section of your page.

whatever you do, don’t use inline style statements… that’s the old way.

Thank you. But I need an answer to my question. What you said may be true, but it doesn’t help me. How do I save the HTML, CSS and image files so I can upload to S3 is my question.

This is a difficult question to answer because it seems so simple, and at the same time I don’t use S3.

But assuming that S3 is no different than anything else, you just do it.

Usually you don’t make one big file to upload, but you can. To do this you would archive the file in compressed format, but you have to pull it apart on the other end (server-side).

This is usually done with a program that can take a folder and compress it to one file that has a .zip or .rar extension. And different extensions on unix/linux.

To probably answer the question as to what happens most of the time, you don’t. You transfer and keep all of the files separate and use an FTP program to transfer them.

I will have to take a visit to S3 if you need further help.

As far as straight-up english British-American-Australian, I know where you are coming from.

My suggestion is S3! And then, but your best help may be from Goog and YouTube.

I am for sure, almost positive, that a video exists on how to do what you want to do.

Thank you Pervasive. I am way back at "which of the four Save options on Pinegrow will yield me these files: HTML, CSS, images. Where does Pinegrow put them?

I guess it’s back to YouTube then.

You create the HTML file, and you put it where you want. And that is just starters… there are tutorials available for learning PG online.

And, again, probably the best overall training online, other than videos, is going to be

does this “S3” thing require you to only have a single file?

like a ONE page website?

even pictures will be links outside the webpage, so each of those would be a separate file

if you want more detailed help, you would need to provide these “S3” requirements you seem to be batteling.

I’m not trying to sound like I’m being unhelpful here but unless things have changed with html you can’t save images as part of html, you can link to them but you can’t make them part of the html file.

You can use inline styles in your page which would remove the need for a css file (this is not considered best practice).

Actually, believe it or not, you can.

There is such a thing as inline images, but it is definitely NOT a standard, but it is doable.

It’s been a long time ago since I have done it, but I remember doing it. The idea is that certain images in certain parts of the interface are deemed essential and the interface would be broken without them, so these were inlined.

But, this was many years ago when systems were very slow, and the images inlined were small. Adding inline is definitely not standard, and it is frowned upon even more than inline css. And Microsoft had a super-low limit for inline image size.

You can look up “embedding base64 images” if you are interested in learning about this topic.

As Rob has inferred, this practice is unheard of and does not exist (basically).

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I’ve never used S3, so I have to ask this question. Do you understand the S3 flat file system that you are trying to use?

I don’t think I understand it fully, and therefore I am going to have to drop out of this discussion.

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reading that made my brain hurt… why would anyone give amazon money for this?


This link gives an explanation that you might find helpful for organising your site files when working with PG.

Thank you. Been looking for just that.

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