Link Block not launching a new window in WordPress site


I am converting a Webflow theme to WordPress. In my Webflow site, I have a link block appearing on screen for each item in my Collection that launches a new window.

The WordPress version of my site isn’t opening these links in a new window.

Is there a setting I’m overlooking?

For my WordPress site, I am using Advanced Custom Fields to store the links.

Thank you!

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Additional screenshot:

Additional screenshot:

Hi @cbrady,
The actual anchor gets added through the HTML side - not the WordPress action side. So, to add the target="_blank" attribute you need to go to the Properties panel.
Hope this helps,

Thank you for the quick response @RobM!

I am not seeing the options in the screenshot you shared. I am using the Theme Converter. Is the screenshot from the Theme Converter or one of the other products?

Thank you.

Hi @cbrady,
Sorry - didn’t realize. Yes, the screenshot is from the main Pinegrow Web Editor. Hmmm, It is odd that webflow doesn’t have the attribute added already. How are you bringing the code out of webflow and into the theme converter?

Thanks for the new info @RobM.

Webflow has an HTML export option that I am using. Webflow seems to be exporting everything ok when I look at what is exported.

Hi @cbrady,
Does the original HTML have a target attribute?

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@RobM - You solved it! Thank you!!

When I looked earlier, I thought I was seeing the target attribute in the code exported from Webflow.

After looking again, it’s not there.