Preparation Before Diving into PineGrow

Thanks to a wake up call response from printninja (very much appreciated), I’m going to refresh my knowledge of coding basics before I start creating websites in PineGrow.

I have more questions that I’m sure will help others who like me are ex-Museketeers:

  1. Are there any video tutorials on the new version of PineGrow?

  2. Would a tutorial on Bootstrap 4.0 be advisable before starting PineGrow?

  3. What other prep would be advantageous before I plunge into PineGrow? I’m a subscriber to and have access to all the lessons.

and thanks!

:rofl::rofl::rofl: @ “Museketeers”

I’d definitely do some tutorials on Bootstrap 4. I need to do this myself to familiarize myself with the changes. Also, since Pinegrow just added full support for CSS Grid and Flexbox, it would be good to get a handle on those as well (I also need to do this.) Pinegrow’s YouTube channels has a lot of videos relevant to the latest release.

I do not believe there are any Pinegrow tutorials on