Pinegrow Pre-sales Questions for Dreamweaver Replacement

Hello. I’m looking for a replacement for Dreamweaver on the macOS. I had researched Flux by The Escapers, but their website seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. So, I had to start my research all over and have now discovered Pinegrow. In order to know if it can do what I need it to do to replace Dreamweaver on a Mac, I have some questions, listed below.

  1. Can Pinegrow run on the latest 64-bit M1 Mac with macOS Monterey?
  2. Can my existing Dreamweaver HTML files, CSS files, image folders, etc. simply be set up in Pinegrow without having to rebuild the entire site from scratch?
  3. Is it a WYSIWYG where I can actually see what the site will look like in the Pinegrow software?
  4. Do I have the ability to modify all the HTML code, like in Dreamweaver, in order to add code, like typing or pasting in iframes, meta tags, JavaScript?
  5. Can special HTML code be inserted outside the parameters of the last tag for use with CGI scripts?
  6. I assume Pinegrow is a desktop app that can build responsive sites and is CSS3 and HTML 5 compatible, but can you confirm?
  7. Does Pinegrow have a built-in shortcut to preview your work in your default (or any) browser?
  8. When I am ready to publish the entire site, or even just upload a revised page or image, does Pinegrow have a built-in FTP client so I can upload the files to my hosting server from my Mac, like I can in Dreamweaver, or would I need to use a separate FTP client, like FileZilla?
  9. Like Dreamweaver, does Pinegrow have the ability to create JavaScript code for image rollovers when two different images are selected for an image rollover, like for a navigation menu that changes on mouse-over?
  10. Are there any limitations in Pinegrow for including sound, video, or PDFs in a web page?
  11. Are files saved in HTML and CSS formats from the Pinegrow program?
  12. Can you work off-line or do you constantly need to be connected to a Pinegrow server for validation?

Hello there!
That’s a lot of questions… and a lot of work for that many answers :slight_smile:

Im just another user, but… It might just be worth you downloading pinegrow and trying it out.
Also, IM not sure if you have read any of the pinegrow docs/advertising, but a lot of your questions are the really basic properties, basic advertising blurb of the Program, so I think It might do you some good to give it a blast and try it out instead of hoping someone to spoon feed you the really really REALLY basic info on the app, which is written EVERYWhere on the Pinegrow website - or on this forum.

Ie, if you click the magnifying glass icon top left you can search for a topic, ie, does Pinegrow have ftp?

er, in a nutshell, no! there saved you a bit :slight_smile: so yes, Filiezilla etc is the way to go.
And yes its a multi OS program that doesnt need an internet connection (unless your using Filezilla at the time to upload of course :smiley: )

SO, just have a sniff around this forum or actually read the Pinegrow website.

I know its a pain to research yet another program possibility but thats the way to go.
Also, check the forum for things like Dreamweaver Comparison etc, you know that sort of thing.

And you will find good and bad.

GOod luck :slight_smile:

Hi @Troy,
I’ll try to answer what I can.

Yes, we are getting toward running natively. While there were some initial complaints about the speed, those problems should be ironed out. You might need to requext a trial of Pinegrow Live for best results. Pinegrow live is the way we allow users to test the developer’s version before we push to the desktop LTS

Pinegrow can handle any HTML project that is ready for web hosting. I’m not super familiar with Dreamweaver, so I don’t know a lot about the folder structure.

Yes - for any HTML site.

Pinegrow is a low-code tool, which means the amount of code you are required to write is low, but you are free to add and edit at will. Pinegrow can actually live link with Visual Studio Code for editing purposes and also has a built-in editor.

This would have to be tested during your free trial.

That is the exactly what Pinegrow does.

Yes - through two modes. Either view on demand or using BrowserSync that updates whenever you make a change.

As @schpengle replied, you would need to use an outside FTP client.

The Interactions add on for Pinegrow allows you to add a variety of simple-to-complex animations. Fair warning, it is a full implementation of the GreenSock library and does have a learning curve.

The only limitations for Pinegrow are those already existing in HTML. Anything you can do on an HTML web page, you can do with Pinegrow.

Yes - there isn’t any export. You are working directly with the HTML and CSS that will be used for your web site. The only time you work with any other files is if you decided to use a pre-processor like SASS for your project or Tailwind CSS with the JIT processor. Both of these obviously would process your files to a final CSS sheet.

As @schpengle, replied. You can work entirely off-line. Although we do occasionally patch Pinegrow through a live-load between releases, it will run without this.

Hope all of this helped. Please try a free trial and see what you think. However, realize that there is some learning curve. Some skills from Dreamweaver will translate right away, some things will require learning how to do thing slightly differently. Feel free to reach out for help, look at our documentation, and our YouTube channel.

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This one is also interesting Pinegrow for Dreamweaver Users - User Review | Pinegrow Web Editor

So, for image rollovers, since Dreamweaver creates the JavaScript on the fly and Pinegrow does not, I will need to find a solution. I don’t do subscription-based software, thus the Dreamweaver replacement. Since the Interactions add-on is subscription-based, I’ll need a different solution. I found this article (link below) that shows how to manually create image rollovers three different ways. If this CSS can be implemented in Pinegrow, perhaps that is my solution. Thoughts?

Hi @Troy,
The Pinegrow Web Editor is basically a code IDE with a visual interface. Anything you can do with HTML, CSS, or JS can be put together in Pinegrow. Anything you see in a CodePen (or any other online tut site) can be used in Pinegrow.
Just to prove it, here is the CSS CodePen opened in Pinegrow.


Thank you. I appreciate your example. I went ahead and purchased the perpetual license for Pinegrow Web Editor Pro last night to take advantage of the incredible sale they have going on. However, I will not be installing it until I get my new iMac M1 set up, which is still in the box. I just need to find an Acrobat replacement now… :blush:

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I have not yet found a good Acrobat replacement. For me, the deal breaker is the Print Production tools, and being able to view the separations, including spot colors in the pdf.

This clearly only applies to files destined for commercial printing. If you dont need this particular feature, but want to create forms, OCR etc I like PDFPen Pro.
Here is a FAQ that may help you decide: How does PDFpen compare to Adobe Acrobat and Preview? - Smile Knowledge Base

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I have reached out to them with questions. Thanks for the suggestion.