Mac download not working

Has anyone else had this problem
Mac Download 5.973 hangs on this page

Are you sure that you click at the right location? (there is the link to the antivirus stuff just beside)
It’s fine on my side.

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Whoops - my fault - clicked the antivirus link

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don’t feel bad, i’ve done that too … the UX makes it look like if you want the virus checked version click here, if you just want take your chances with the unprotected and potentially infected version, click over there on big letters GOODLUCK!

@droidgoo any suggestions how to make this more clear?

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mmm… it strikes me as similar to that issue with editing a CSS rule where “duplicate in another CSS file” wasn’t intuitively obvious.

in both cases you have an interactive element with a main and an auxiliary function but because they lie on the same baseline and appear to be all one element, your mind kind of goes with one or the other and thinks “ok, i’m done interacting with this bit” and starts looking around for what else too click on.

the more distinct and “apart” these two functions can appear without completely disconnecting them, the less confusing it is likely to be.

for the download page, i would suggest not using the text “antivirus checked” and just use “PASSED” or simply the green check mark by itself and explain what the check mark means somewhere else on the modal. i would also suggest putting it on a separate baseline (sup or sub) to help distinguish it… the color change alone is necessarily not enough.

for the CSS menu, you’re kind of boxed in by the overall motif of the PG UX… but it seems you want to have the user do one thing first, then the other becomes available… so it’s a bit different than the down load page.

at first maybe some combination of disabled and hover state colors could draw your eye to the drop down box (if its empty), and then once it has a destination the rest of the menu item becomes active and/or the drop down blends in a bit with the rest of the menu item now that it’s initialized.

also just noticed something about this particular menu, which shares the drop down menu feature with the Override in menu item… it only seems to remember the LAST file selected and then applies that selection to both Duplicate in and Override in

which not likely to be anyone’s choice. not sure if you were aware of that behavior or not, but it would seem and odd thing to deliberately build in.

anyway, that’s my $2.02

Yes - is there really a need for a Link on “Antivirus Checked”
I have spent nearly 25 years designing web interfaces and find that techie in general are not aware of how humans behave. Big clear buttons are always best.
Pinegrow itself takes some learning - good tool tips would help when you hover a button.
I like Pinegrow because it writes good clean code - far too many websites these day are over coded.

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there could still be a link to show the details, if anyone is curious or wants to check the shea code for themsleves… but it should NOT compete visually with the download link