Menu dropdown on hover (ui)

I think the menu should be open on hover (I think this a very basic ui behaviour request).

Now, you have to actually click them, it feels very windows 3.11 like… :slight_smile:

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Hadn’t even noticed that until you brought it up. I guess it does seem a bit retro considering how most website UX these days are constantly trying to get you to click on something.

Thinking about it now, I kind of appreciate how much PG tries to stay out of your way while you are working. I wouldn’t, for instance, want the panel tabs to change on hover… it would be way too distracting. I think the menu options sort of fall under the same category of UI as the panel tabs, from a design philosophy point of view.

But having the drop down on hover behavior as a preference under Support/Settings might be a nice to have, for those that prefer it. I would probably leave mine on the default.

I totally agree about tabs! it would be horrible if they would change on hover.

But menu items have a hover behaviour on every app / software / site i know of, and for it’s very inconvenient and it’s just a spare click :slight_smile:

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menu items have a hover behaviour on every app / software i know of

I just opened a dozen programs on my Windows 10 computer, and not a single one opened menus on hover. Wait, you mean you want adjacent menus to open on hover, don’t you? You still want to click to open the first menu. I think I misunderstood. You’re right. Might want to clarify.

Sorry i wasn’t clear enough (and can’t edit the original post), but that’s what i meant.

I’m not sure there are any sub-menus in the main toolbar menus. The right-click context menu has sub-menus that open on hover.

@RobM no not about the sub-menu, I think they meant that apps menu opens this way :point_down:

when you click open one of the menu item and now if you hover over another menu item, it opens on hover

Mac’s top menu opens this way as well

@beno if that is what you are talking about then I don’t think website menu opens that way, as I’ve seen and developed some websites :wink: , website menu opens on direct mouse hover or direct click on the particular menu item

That is actually what I meant by sub-menu. A menu within another menu. From a UX perspective that could get pretty messy.

I agree on what you meant about the sub-menu but I’m still talking about the top level menu items only

I Agree. i think it should work like this mac menubar. although i think total hover behaviour like in websites might also work here, because i think if you go with your mouse to that area you probably want to use the menu…

To achieve “dropdown on hover” add the following…

@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) {
.dropdown:hover .dropdown-menu{
display:block; }}

Alternative CSS
@media screen and (min-width: 768px){
.dropdown:hover .dropdown-menu, .btn-group:hover .dropdown-menu{
display: block;
margin-top: 0;
margin-bottom: 2px;
.navbar .dropdown-toggle, .nav-tabs .dropdown-toggle{
margin-bottom: 0; }}


(document).ready(function(){ (".dropdown, .btn-group").hover(function(){
var dropdownMenu = $(this).children(".dropdown-menu");

@abirana and @beno Ahhh, now I see what you mean! I guess I’m okay one way of the other.