Material Design for Bootstrap. Can I use its components


Hi. I would like to know the following. It’s key to my decision on buying Pinegrow. Right now I’m using Material Design for Bootstrap. Incredible Kit, but lacking a drag and drop builder. And that’s when pinegrow came to my mind. Is it possible to import HTML, CSS and JS for every any component of the kit so I can use it in Pinegrow like any other component? I hope I’ve been clear with my question.




I did exactly this with this Material Design Framework.

You simply save the MD CSS stylesheet in your project folder’s CSS subfolder, and then attach it to your HTML pages. You may need to adjust the order of the stylesheets so the MD stylesheet loads after the normal bootstrap stylesheet (or simply remove the plain Bootstrap stylesheet it from your project.) The MD .js file(s) would go in your project folder’s js subfolder, and you’d reference the location in your HTML.

The beauty of Pinegrow is that it really has very few limitations.

You can download a fully functional version of Pinegrow and use it for (I believe) seven days, so I would suggest you do that, and then set it up as I suggested above, and see it if fits your needs.


Thanks Printninja. That’s the kit I was referring to. You’ve been very helpful with your answer. I will configure Pinegrow as you explained me. I hope it works for me in the same way it worked for you.

Thanks again



Hi franio, do you did it? to implement the material design component into pinegrow? can you share your experience with me? thanks a lot