Updated UIkit for Pinegrow Plugin available

After a small snafu, I’ve gotten a major update to the UIkit for Pinegrow plugin finished. In addition to updating the UIkit to the latest version it now has a components tab in the Library panel. This allows you to bring blocks of code into your project more quickly.

You can check it out here: https://plugins.springhilldesign.net/uikit-for-pinegrow/


Hi Rob. I’ve purchased your UIkit plugin and am trying to learn what all it does. Thanks for making it. Seems super useful. But as I’m still learning Pinegrow, and being unfamiliar with UIkit (and other frameworks too for that matter) I’m stumbling around in a dark room and keep banging my shins on the furniture. I think I’m starting to figure out that the power of UIkit comes from being able to use these components by stringing them together. My learning method at the moment involves going through all the UIkit components one by one on their website. I’m SORT OF starting to get an idea of the power of this thing, but am wondering if there are any tutorials available (or coming out soon) for how to use UIkit in Pinegrow. Advantages of UIkit vs. Bootstrap, for instance.

Hi and thanks for purchasing my plugin. I would be happy to put a tutorial together when I have the chance. As it stands, there are some tutorials out there for using UIkit, but none in Pinegrow.
The UIkit people have some tutorials on their site for the older version 2 of UIkit.
This one from Sitepoint is also pretty good, but it jumps in with both feet - not exactly a beginners intro to UIkit.

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Thanks Bob, these are SUPER helpful. Exactly what I needed. After the “Intro” vid, I feel better already. (I’d welcome some future tut regarding UIkit in Pinegrow. but I also realize you have a full plate right now.)

Diving into them now.