Materialize 1.0.0

Hi! Does anyone know if Pinegrow will update to the latest Materialize v1.0.0?

And, in the meantime, what are the steps to install/use this latest version v1.0.0 in Pinegrow.


anyone out there…? ;-?

I think the question and your followup response is probably for the actual developers, they would be the only ones to respond concerning a timeline on updating Materialize support in the app.

The same I believe has been asked previously here on the forum and on Slack with no response from the developers. I think some have posted on Slack concerning manually updating but likewise seem to have stated some conflicts or issues when doing so. I’ve never tried it myself.

From Slack:

Perhaps one of the developers will choose to respond concerning an update ?

Thanks for passing on all this prior stated interest in the update…and it does appear they - the developers – either have other priorities or have lost interest in Materialize…

And yes, I did attempt to send a note directly to the developers but have not received a reply either!

If Pinegrow does not update Materialize CSS regularly then users will start took for an alternative to Pinegrow.


I agree Materialize has to be supported up to the latest or users will stop using Pinegrow.


Agreed, if Pinegrow is intending to continue support for it in app, then it needs updated like the others.


Given such comments, what alternatives are people planning to use instead?

If its based solely on Materialize, what other apps will offer all the overall features of Pinegrow as an app? Take a look at Gramateria, last updated in February of 2018. So it likewise is stuck on an older version of Materialize v0.100.2.

So what app are you all proposing to leave Pinegrow for, that supports the latest Materialize?

First off, I suggest not to buy or renew Pinegrow licenses until they guarantee Materialize support. Gramateria is free alternative. Also coding without Pinegrow is better since you get latest Materialize version. More suggestions coming.,

Obviously you failed to read my comment above which already mentioned it and the version it uses.

You can use Pinegrow now with the latest version then. If you want to include the setup yourself in your page and hand code everything. This is true for any framework.

Still if Pinegrow will not guarantee Materialize support then not worth buying Pinegrow. Better to get something like Gramateria which is free or hand code.

If you want to use Materialize, just import the CSS and JS. Pinegrow supports whatever Framework you want to use. The only thing is you won’t get the benefit of all the purpose built visual tools within the program.

Materialize appears to be deprecated in Pinegrow.

Have you tried adding the CSS and JS files manually?