Materialize 1.0.0


Hi! Does anyone know if Pinegrow will update to the latest Materialize v1.0.0?

And, in the meantime, what are the steps to install/use this latest version v1.0.0 in Pinegrow.



anyone out there…? ;-?


I think the question and your followup response is probably for the actual developers, they would be the only ones to respond concerning a timeline on updating Materialize support in the app.

The same I believe has been asked previously here on the forum and on Slack with no response from the developers. I think some have posted on Slack concerning manually updating but likewise seem to have stated some conflicts or issues when doing so. I’ve never tried it myself.

From Slack:

Perhaps one of the developers will choose to respond concerning an update ?


Thanks for passing on all this prior stated interest in the update…and it does appear they - the developers – either have other priorities or have lost interest in Materialize…

And yes, I did attempt to send a note directly to the developers but have not received a reply either!