Materialize Modals

Just starting to use Pinegrow and having trouble figuring out how to create and manage a Materialize modal.

First problem was that modal isn’t listed anywhere in the components pane on the left. The other Materialize javascript components are listed there but not modal. Why is that?

I finally found it in the Actions tab along with some, but not all, of the other Materialze javacsript elements. The Actions tab alos includes Dropdown which is also as a button element. Why are some elements listed in the components pane and others in the Actions tab?

I clicked the Modal action. That resulted in data-modal and class=“modal” being added to the tag, no modal was created within the tag. The materialize docs show a modal as being a

with class modal containing various
tags for the content and footer and has no mention of the need for either of those attributes being added to the tag.

Next I discovered that a right click on the page provided options to create a modal content and a modal footer. so I inserted both. That resulted in the

tags for each of those elements being created… but after the closing tag. I dragged them into the body in the tree view to fix that issue.

Next I tried to create a form within the modal content div. Dragging a form element and dropping it within the green boundaries of the modal element on the page created a form but not within the modal content div. Once again, I had to drag it into the correct position.

All this time, the modal content is not visible on the page. I understand that would be the case when the page is displayed in a browser but in design mode there needs to be some way to see the design.

I’m giving up at this point. Either I’m misunderstanding how to create a Materialize modal in Pinegrow which is entirely possible, or there are some issues with that process in Pinegrow. I hope someone can enlighten me.