Matjaz is on fire!

I want to publicly thank Matjaz for working so hard to address some of the issues and to improve Pinegrow over the last few months. These last few releases, especially in July and August, have been amazing and have given us massive value.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to keep asking for more though :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work, Pinegrow!


These releases might look small but they have addressed the major concerns at least for WP users. Next few updates and Pinegrow will be the best tool to work with!

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This is already the case for thousands of individuals, agencies and independent developers around the world. There is always room for improvement, and we are working on it regularly, but Pinegrow’s great versatility and especially its interoperability already make it - in all modesty :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: according to us - the best tool to work with!

interoperability: the unique ability - in the world of visual editors / WordPress builders / Bootstrap builders / TailwindCSS builders - of Pinegrow to open / modify / export existing standard HTML/CSS/JS documents/projects.


Just realized 6.8 is out which is amazing with the ability to create Gutenberg blocks with custom WooCommerce templates, defined in the plugin.

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So it is!
Cheers for the heads up @Pinegrow_Learner


Thanks @adamslowe :slight_smile: And thank you and all other active community members for being so involved with PG and helping us to make the tool even better.

Recently, our community forum got a boost of activity and collaboration. This is great and very helpful!