May I suggest a Beginners Forum category?

Hi All,

I’m brand spanking new to PineGrow and the forum and I’m looking forward to engaging with many of you over the coming months as I explore PG.

I am aware that there is a Beginner channel on slack, but my experience is that a forum is a much better repository of information than the [often] direct and focused exchanges on a Slack channel. So, I’d like to ask if a Beginner category can be created here on the forum where newcomers like myself can ask questions from more experienced users. This would also allow new users to browse questions that other new users have asked which could answer their own questions.

Any thoughts?


There was just talk of this in a recent thread, I think it’s good idea,@matjaz?

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The Beginners category is now available.

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Brilliant, thanks for the quick response @Emmanuel! I’ll start filling it up soon, I think.:slight_smile:

Just an observation: I am not able to create a new topic under the new Beginners category, not sure if this is because I am a new forum member and don’t have the necessary permissions yet??

@Beemerang not sure if this info is of any help but it could be that you are a newbie to the forum and you only have to visit a few topics and contribute something. I’m not saying it is that but I can’t think of anything else it could be.

Basic Member info

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Hi @Rob, thanks for the heads-up, that could be it.

I was able to create this post though, so perhaps it has something to do with not being able to create the first post in a new category because I’m new.

Anyway, I’m sure someone will a post soon and then 'll chime in. :slight_smile:

@Beemerang I’ve added a topic to the Beginners category so try and post there.

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Thanks mate, will do now.

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