Media Queries and Responsiveness in Pinegrow

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Feel free to ask questions here about the newsletter tutorial:
Media queries and responsiveness in Pinegrow.

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helpful intro to a number of responsive toptics using font-size, em, calc, viewport and how the rule creation widget of PG works with media queries (too often overlooked,at least by me).

now thinking of revamping my website using this approach and em’s

not sure the part about bubbles added much, in fact it kind of breaks the learning flow.

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Sorry you didn’t like the bubbles. I was just trying to underline the fact that many of the things we put on the page can be made responsive from the start without having to do endless CSS revamps.

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maybe would work better at the end… i just kept thinking make them a background image :slight_smile:

Thanks for the documentations. Would also be good to have a doc or a vid on how to work with media queries and the css grid.


Good idea! I need to brush-up on using grid inside Pinegrow first. Whee!

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Just soliciting opinions. Should I do a small write-up to better explain ‘em’ vs ‘rem’ vs ‘px’ and why I selected ‘em’ for the tutorial? Question comes from a comment on the video.

ur just procrastinating doing that CSS grid tutorial, aren’t you?

i learned a lot from your digging into the components feature, and i’m sure the same will be true of the grid one.

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“Never put off until tomorrow what can just as well be put off until the day after that.” Or something like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: