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Message Panel to contain ALL popups

Here is a feature I’d like to see as a user-selected option in a future PineGrow upgrade.

Most annoying to me are the pop-ups that display where I’m trying to modify an element. Could a panel be created that would display ALL popups, warnings, messages, etc. that the user could place wherever best suits them- - somewhere on or off the application window? One could position this message panel wherever and it would no longer display right over the part of the element currently being worked on. Now I either have to wait for the popup to fade away, move it out of the way manually, or click somewhere else on the screen to clear it away from where I’m working.

What does everybody else think? Like I said, this would be a nice feature for a PineGrow upgrade and I hope you’ll seriously consider this suggestion. BTW, I am a proud PineGrow user for nearly two years now.

I have been requesting a way to disable the visual error warnings for years now. A simple “beep” or “flash” would be fine. Better would be a setting to just disable error warnings.

Yes - something, anything - to have a way to either disable or relocate these popups that obstruct what we’re working on. What do we need to do to get this done besides burning tires in the streets?

Does Matjaz still read these forums?

@matjaz Maybe he will see this if I tag him?

@randyrie, @Printninja which popups do you find disturbing, besides those notices that appear in the middle of the screen and fade away by themselves?

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I’d like to be able to disable this message, and the need to have to click a button to continue.

In Adobe programs, when a warning dialog pops up, there is usually a checkbox that says, “don’t show again.” This would be ideal. Then have a program-level option to reset the warning dialogs if one really wants them all back.

I use a Windows program called “Click Off” which runs in the background and scans the Windows interface constantly for system level dialogs, which it can instantly “click” “dismiss” “close”, etc… depending on a variety of variables. It’s basically my nuclear option when I can’t control warnings at the program level, but because Pinegrows warning are not “dismissable” I can’t even use this.

Power-users don’t want their workflows interrupted by warnings, or anything else. If I make what a program deems a “mistake”, I don’t need to message to remind me. A “beep” or a “flash”, anything that doesn’t slow down the workflow, is sufficient.

For me, ALL could appear in a message box, similar to the clipboard panel. The user can elect to dismiss or move or not show again. Then these popups, albeit helpful, will not block the element I’m working on. But @Printninja’s suggestion is also cool with me.