Missing exported scss files


can you please tell me why _footer.scss and _globals.scss are not exported from my native working folder into wordrpess theme folder? But when i make changes to these files (_footer.scs and _globals.scss) it is exported to style.css file so i can still see changes?

my native project folder:

exported wordpress theme folder:


Hi @dowixxx,
Iā€™m not quite sure how your project is set up, so it is a little hard to troubleshoot. Can you send a screenshot of the stylesheet manager? Also, what CSS has been added to your pages and where?

stylesheet manager:

style.css source file is style.scss:

linked css to index.html:

linked css to single.html

both index.html and single.html are master pages.

thank you for replying

Hi @dowixxx,
I have to admit that I have never looked for the various .scss stylesheets to export. Right now, if I have the various stylesheets in their own folder - Iā€™m using a Bootstrap starter, so I made a folder in the bootstrap_theme folder - none of them export to the theme.
If you look in your project folder ā†’ _pgexport folder, are any of the style files there?

I quickly read the problem (and maybe I totally misunderstood) but ā€¦ why do you want to export the SCSS source files to the theme folder?

Oh i just thought these files should be exported and that it is some kind of bug or i made a mistake somewhere. But if its alright this way then its okay. Thanks!

_pgexport folder contains same files as the theme folder. But if it is not a big deal then thats okay. I was just kind of curiuos why it behaved like this. Thanks!


SCSS files are SASS source files which are used to generate the final CSS files.
Consider them as working files, but in no case as files intended for production.

I understand that you are not the author of the HTML template you are working on?

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Yeaah i am the author :sweat_smile:

Did you place the folders in the _pgexport folder?

No i didnt. It was generated automatically.