Wordpress export comments out css rules

When I export the wordpress theme, not just a save but a full export, the contents of the style.css file will be commented out. It’s very annoying and for hours I didn’t understand why the template was falling apart. What could be causing this behavior?

Which style.css file are you referring to? Pinegrow controls the one at the root of the project directory, where the theme/block headers are stored. Any custom CSS should be included in the /css/style.css directory.

Similarly, don’t try to directly edit the functions.php file with your own custom code. Make sure you edit /inc/custom.php instead.

It looks like I missed a few updates since I didn’t use pinegrow very often.

The file /css/style.css does not exist in my project, should I just create it in the stylesheet manager and copy the custom rules?

Probably not, since it sounds like something else might be going on and causing issues. If it’s not being enqueued by the theme then manually creating it won’t have any effect.

Maybe check the Stylesheets manager (file > manage stylesheets) to see if you have it defined there, and if not, add it that way.

Should this /css/style.css file be created automatically when I create a new project or activate the wordpress theme?

If I create a new empty bootstrap project, certainly not, style.css will only be in the main directory.

If I create a new css rule, it is also placed in style.css of the main directory by default.

@kissgyula style.css in the main directory is created because it contains information about the theme. That’s a WordPress convention.