Multi-language compatibility, $domain defaults to theme_slug

Pinegrow uses Wordpress __e function to display text that can be translated. This is good. This means we can translate the whole WP theme and maintain compatibility with multilanguage plugins such as WPML.

However, the $domain (Unique identifier for retrieving translated strings) always defaults to whatever your theme slug is. Since we currently cannot change the $domain in Pinegrow this can cause issues when developing multilanguage e-commerce sites that use WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is already translated to multiple languages. Since Pinegrow defaults to using your theme_slug by default, even for WooCommerce elements, this means WordPress wont be able to use the already translated strings that comes with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is just one example, but I am sure there are more plugins out there that has their own domain for this and comes shipped with already translated text strings.

The best solution is to give us control to be able to change the $domain or default to use ‘WooCommerce’ domain for Woo elements.

More information and documentation regarding the __e function:


Nice catch! I was actually going to start a Pinegrow conversion project next month with just this use case, and hadn’t considered this issue. Here’s to hoping that Pinegrow delivers that capability or at least a suitable workaround.

You can still translate the elements by creating po file. But you wont be able to use already translated woocommerce strings.

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@matjaz Any solution for this?


I dont think I should even have posted this in “feature request”. Looks more like this was overlooked and forgotten about. Probably wont be using Pinegrow for next project. Multi language too important for me.

@madjedo message received & heard.