Looking to translate, is there a .po file?

I’m just starting to develop translation for wordpress theme so I’m a bit new to this.
I’ve read throught the documentation but I’m a bit lost, is there a .po file to translate from available somewhere ? Should I also create one with a language folder at the root of the theme ?

For your localization needs, the WordPress themes generated by Pinegrow contain everything you need to enable the use of Poedit which I highly recommend :slight_smile:

You will see that the process is extremely simple.

Note: The Pro version brings even more features. Poedit Pro — Poedit

But the starter theme 2 does not come with a .po file to edit (or am I missing it ?)

No, you have to build it with a tool like Poedit.
Hint: It’s an automatic process as the app will grab everything that needs to be included in the translation file for you.

Read more about the process here: How to translate the ST2? · Pinegrow/PGWPBootstrap4StarterTheme Wiki · GitHub

And this is useful as well: Why and How to customize the Theme Text Domain · Pinegrow/PGWPBootstrap4StarterTheme Wiki · GitHub

Okay thanks for the anwser I’ll look into this build step then :slight_smile:

Oh but you need the pro version to build the po file.
It would be much more convenient to just edit a .po file generated for starter theme

Well, here is one that I have just generated for you Dropbox - st2.pot - Simplify your life

Just tell me if it’s fine for your needs.

Yes exactly what I needed thank you ! It would be nice to have it in the github of the startertheme :slight_smile: