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Hi @matjaz

I think it would be worthwhile if Pinegrow offered a feature to instantly display an entire predefined array of device sizes, and also a user input defined array of device sizes for responsive development. To expand further the benefits of the Multiple Views feature.

It would be nice to have the ability to simultaneously open an array of device sizes to view, adjust and develop responsively across the current active page view.

Additional Features Like:

  • Open Array of Devices - From Default Array or User Defined Array
  • Arrays could also be predefined and segmented into groups like: Phones, Tablets, iOS, Android, etc.,
  • Devices shown at 100% size - Width & Height
  • Toggle synchronized Scroll of all device views at once, so all Scroll together, or singularly
  • Toggle synchronized Rotation of all device views at once, so all Rotate together, or singularly
  • User Scroll across all Views, Horizontally and Vertically
  • Cascaded and Packed/Repack accordingly of the overall view in Pinegrow

I think these basic aspects may be something to seriously consider. I’m not sure if it could be tied into the existing Multiple View workflow, or need a different entry point. But it seems like a worthwhile feature based upon the current Multiple View workflow, yet expanding it further for even faster development in Pinegrow.

I posted regarding this concept in this former thread about SizzyApp.

Here are a few others similar to SizzyApp with multiple devices and similar concept.

Emmet Re:view + Emmet LiveStyle

Responsive Viewer - based upon Emmet Re:view

Also here are some device size lists, if you are interested in adding more or other devices to the defaults and within this array concept. There might be some other worthwhile devices and popular common sizes amongst these to consider.

I think the ability to simultaneously open an array of device sizes would aid in the concept of Pinegrow’s Multiple View feature, yet expanding it further for even faster responsive development in Pinegrow.

Thanks in advance for the feature consideration @matjaz.


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Here is another example with similar aspects to those already mentioned, regarding this concept.

Solis For Mac , it’s by the creator of the Blocs App for Mac.

Seems to be a really nice implementation of the idea and already has some very nice features for version 1.0 of the app. If you are a Mac user, it may be worth checking out for only $29.99


I think like the others it gives further validity to the same expanded concept proposed above for Pinegrow.

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It seems like the following is all that has advanced after 2 years surrounding this specific feature.

Hmm … 2 years … basic device updates take that long?

By contrast “SizzyApp” went from a basic browser tool and got developed into a rapidly advancing full blown app which is having tremendous success amongst the developer community. They are pumping new features into it constantly and the developer is super open and involved with users.

Which really makes the above feature proposal feel like a missed opportunity more than 2 years down the road for Pinegrow. Especially considering you are now spinning off new apps and these core features were all virtually already in place when this thread was made December 2017.

Polypane App” is another example comparable to Sizzy also showing the validity of this concept.

Seems like the suggestion presented above would have been beneficial to Pinegrow’s bottom line based upon the success of various other apps. But at least after a few years the devices were updated. ;–)

Unless I have missed something? @matjaz

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Just had a look at Sizzy app, it looks really useful. Thanks for sharing. Out of those that you have shared, which have you found works the best as part of a Pinegrow workflow?

You’re welcome, yes its easy to see value in this approach.

Both & are advancing at a rapid pace seemingly in competition with each other. Sizzy may have more traction as it really exploded when it was posted on Product Hunt, while each are discussed readily amongst the developer community.

Both apps are being rapidly developed.

Either offer a free trial, so evaluate each and see how they are comparable. Like anything it generally comes down to cost, features and personal preference.

Regarding working with Pinegrow its just like any browser and a matter of pointing to a file / location. I’m still astonished why Pinegrow was not expanded in this direction as outlined above, given what was already in place and coupled with all that it offers over apps like these.

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These are great web development tools.

We have limited resources and need to be choosy about what we do. Our area is making tools for editing and creating web projects. We still have a lot on the to-do list for improving our web editor tools.

Our side-apps like Snapshots and Theme Converter or add-ons like Interactions all tie into this strategy.

Working on an app like Sizzy would mean taking our limited resources away from our core mission. Perhaps such app would be more successful in the end, who knows… But Pinegrow is successful enough to keep us going and our ideas of what it can become are far from being exhausted.


This was never about making an app it was about building out a few features as seen originally.

If you can currently add/open/rotate/etc singular devices one at a time through user input, then you can add them as an array of devices or grouping of devices through basic logic also. I mean implementing basic loops and arrays to existing logic is not building and entire app :–). So its hard to fathom it takes a massive amount of development resources given the stucture already in place with these features singularly.

But its appreciated that staff finally responded 2 years later, thats certainly welcome progress.

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@matjaz @Pinegrow_User Why re-invent the wheel ? Why not sync Pinegrow with both Sizzy and Polypane. I wouldn’t mind paying for an add-on/plugin that would provide such functionality.

Hey @Robert,

Thanks so much for your interest but I’ve said my peace on the topic.

The concept is easily understandable at face value for anyone, so its become a moot point. There was never any re-inventing required as the core app already had/has the underlying features to make it possible without any complicated rewrite. If required after opening an array of sizes, they could of even leveraged one of many open source libraries for nicely arranging the multiple sizes, etc., if needed.

Other apps have now shown and proven the concept beneficial for a multitude of modern developers. The original linked thread I made here is now 3 years old, so its time to let this one also sink into the abyss of the forum like many other worthy suggestions.

Well I actually have ulterior motives. I use both Sizzy and Polypane at various clients. I do not have subscriptions myself though. But would certainly get a subscription for one of them if PG would sync with them.

Me too. In the sense that my suggestions have not been selfish but instead I’ve always just tried to suggest ways to improve the Pinegrow for everyone. Passion and frustration seem to be a fine line however.


I know this is a dead topic sinking into the abyss regarding the feature suggestion for Pinegrow as was indicated above by @matjaz.

But for other web developers and designers whom see these apps as a benefit as part of their development cycle, I wanted to share another alternative in the same vain as Sizzy and Polypane, named slashB.

slashB is actually cheaper than both Sizzy and Polypane as a $19 one time payment (although it does mention updates for 1.x?). slashB is fairly new at only a few months old but at that price its worth keeping an eye on and seems pretty feature rich already.

slashB - responsive browser

It’s nice to see these types of “Responsive Design Browsers” popping up like broadleaf weeds in a young pine forrest. With more and more being developed and available all the time. Designers and developers love them as part of their workflow and clearly see the benefit. So maybe one of these 3rd party apps will help some else within their workflow(s).

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Sizzy is having a “Birthday Sale” at the moment!
They offer “50% lifetime discount on any plan”.

(I don’t know how long this offer will be available).

The “Solo Plan” license (for one computer), is now $30 (a year), instead of $60.
And the 50% discount is recurring each following year!

There is a 14 day trial, so you can try before you pay.

See their site for info about the other plans (Trio and Team) for 3 or 10 computers.
Which are also offered now with the 50% discount.

Sizzy is a responsive browser tool, to see and test your website/project for different device and window sizes (different viewports).

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Hi @marf,

Yes the Sizzy developer has discounted promotions various times throughout the year.

Here is a newer alternative app that is open source called “Responsively”. Which already looks pretty promising for a young free alternative. There also exists a less feature rich extension called “responsive viewer” which is an open source chrome extension.

Interesting how much this space in the industry is continuing to populate with approaches to facilitate this type of testing and workflow.

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