Sizzy = Pinegrow v3 - Multiple Page Views

Hello Pinegrow Users,

I just happened upon Sizzy today and it immediately reminded me of the upcoming “multiple page views” coming in Pinegrow v3. Well, at least in theory for this one singular feature that is.

It seems like an interesting tool, and has some nice UI / UX aspects. I especially liked how the developer shared some of the build process on their Youtube channel, which anyone whom also works with React may find interesting as well.

Anyway perhaps someone else will find it interesting also.

It’s a good example of showing how thoughtful and powerful Pinegrow already is and will continue to become as a development tool. Keep up the great work Pinegrow team!

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Another one I used to use was/is

Hi @schpengle,

Yeah I have seen that as well, using the iFrame simulation approach set to different sizes is not uncommon.

I thought the ideal and feature set of Sizzy was pretty nicely implemented, however. With it’s ability to sort, filter, orientation, isolate a singular device, etc., and with much more still being added from what I have read from its developer. But indeed its nothing really new concerning the basic thought.

For testing / simulation there are also things like:

You can find some free and many paid offerings, which can be rather costly however.

Actually the forthcoming TandemCode project has an interesting approach. They are developing a virtual browser called Aerial which supposedly is gonna use real browser rendering engines via Browsertap. In general it looks like a really nice and exciting project, so I hope they can get to launch with the whole thing.

It’s also easily possible to make your own Bootmarklets for the iFrame approach as well, here is one such example showing that approach.

Likewise most modern browsers have responsive design testing / simulation via their built in developer tools.

Or if someone choses they can always just own every device known to man for testing as well. Here is a good starter list for that approach, rather costly however. :wink:

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