Synced Scrolling & Clicking| Hovering in Page Views

Hey PG people,

I’ve always had the wish for this feature, and I think possibly it crossed your minds too at some point; to have synced clicking, scrolling & hovering (interactions) on multiple page views at once.

You can see it on PolyPane’s website:
I think it’s something that will make testing your design for responsive behaviour a breeze, especially with Tailwind, so you can add utilities on the fly for certain sizes on which you see unwanted behavior.

Any good, this one?

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£97 a year for a funky browser?
Er…no thanks.
Nice idea though, so yes for PG, no for Polypane.

It has been discussed, and also provides links to free alternatives :wink:

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@BonoBoos < finally someone else whom actually sees the benefit. @matjaz :smile:

TLDR: From that linked thread by @SureWeb, have a look at Responsively App its free.

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This is exactly what I would expect in PG, but it’s nice it also has a chrome plugin that sends a link to their app. Maybe it’s nice to have “send to xxx-app” in PG, so you can link to apps you use just like they did with browsersync, so it becomes like a plugin solution to take your creation forward out of PG.

For now I say this ticket is therefor closed and answered.

I believe most the basic features needed are already in place for Pinegrow to accomplish the basic things in app. But I’m not gonna restate that again it was already mentioned in the other thread. :wink:

Thanks for your interest and yes the developer industry really values those apps ( general concept ).