Music for Creative Debugging.. Ludovico Einaudi

This is a bit more inspiration for you, as you all slog away at Your keyboards, in Covid bubbles
In Lower LockdownsVille or wherever.

I first heard something by this chap, Played by a German Computer Science Lecturer
Gregynnog hall,

where Swansea Uni takes students away for a weekend symposium and where everyone must gave a talk on what they are doing.

Well… do This actually…

IT is usually a music place… left to the uni…by two old welsh, musically renowned sisters.

there was a Piano…and a German Computer Science lecturer, with some sheet music.
and some … celestial sounds… comfy chairs… geeks babbling inchoherence as I was transported away… before going off to take some pretty spectacular Orb photos…

After the Lecturer had finished and I mopped myself up off the floor,
I asked him who or what that was.

I could only remember something from the German Lecturer that sounded like something about a German car.
I thought it was a soundtrack for some incredible Audi Car advert…sigh.

SO it took me a few years to remember and track down who and what it was.

People I give you

Ludovico Einaudi,

A live recording from the Steve Jobs Theatre… 2019.

Yes! The creator of this sound space is

0:00 Letter
4:20 Fly
10:07 Four Dimensions
17:41 A Sense of Symmetry
21:39 Elements
Cold Wind
36:09 Low Mist
L’Origine Nascosta
48:33 Experience
53:44 Elegy for the Arctic
58:56 Nuvole Bianche
1:05:19 The Path of the Fossils

What music / soundscapes do any of you use to help you concentrate when working?

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