INTERNET CENSORSHIP LAWS- Do you know about this EU proposal- UPDATE-Ha! it got turned down-this time

This is pretty major.

Total upload Filter/monitoring/censorship/copyright (apparently! yeah right… good luck on that)

to thereby stifle your every word… if it is unpalatable…or sorry, I mean copyrighted.

do you guys know about this/have any views, are active, posted protests, lobbied MP’s, online petitions etc or such like?

this Paragraph from the intro is a good summary.

The Copyright Directive includes the controversial Article 13, which mandates the mass monitoring and censorship of internet uploads. The vote comes after widespread criticism of these measures and against the advice of civil society, of leading academics and universities, of research institutions, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression and even the inventors of the internet and of the world wide web.


and from a couple f the links at the end of the article.


This is interesting. The sovereign being in me finds this repulsive, while the business owner in me reluctantly sees a few merits. I’ve had entire websites stolen by former clients and reuploaded to new servers, and felt absolutely infuriated and helpless by the theft. About ten years ago, I posted an original poem to a poetry contest site and won first prize, and then saw my poem posted on another poetry site about a year later, with someone else taking credit for writing it. It was infuriating (fortunately, I was able to prove it was my poem, and the site owners took it down.)

It would be kind of nice if I could digitally “sign” a website, a text, or an image, and then know immediately if someone, somewhere has stolen it in part or whole.

At the same time, the idea of every single thing I upload or post being scanned and monitored simply because Big Brother claims they want to protect us all from digital theft seems implausible. Someone is out to make a buck here.

At the end of the day, I’m doubtful they could even do it, technologically speaking. I don’t believe machine learning us up to the task. At its most basic, it’s fairly easy to compare bits to bits. I upload a two thousand bit .jpg image and the filter goes to work searching the entire internet to see if this two thousand bit file perfectly matches any other file. It comes back with four matches. The picture is one I uploaded to my own blog, my Facebook page, and which I also sent to my sister who put it on her instagram page, and one of my friend’s copied it and shared it on their Google+ page. The picture is copyrighted, because it’s an original creation, and in the U.S., any original creation is automatically protected by copyright laws the moment it’s created.

But how does the filter know that I don’t MIND that my sister and my friend shared it, or that I am the same person who owns my Facebook page and my Blog? How does any monitor know the status of a copyrighted item, or whether the owner has given a particular person permission to copy that item? The only way this could even begin to work is if every single person who accesses the internet has some sort of unique digital tag that is forever attached to them, which identifies them without question, and which is kept in some massive database somewhere. And it would have to identify them regardless of where, when or how they accessed the internet.

We’re basically talking about “chipping” human beings.

Then, there are a million other technical challenges. What about people who host their own servers? What about VPNs? What right does any entity have to monitor traffic on a private server? In such a case, I’m not even “uploading” anything, I’m simply hosting files, and allowing public access. Granted, if I host files publically, and someone comes on my server through an ISP and downloads one of my files, for a short time the file enters a public realm, but now we’re just talking about file sharing, which we already have a litany of laws over. And what will all the companies like Dropbox and Google Drive have to say? Or will the filters be implemented at the ISP level, and if so, will they want to comply? This is a HUGE privacy issue.

The entire premise of the internet is freedom. I’m free to do what I want on my computer. You’re free to do what you want on your computer. But the second we want to connect our computers (for whatever reason) we are no longer free, because the ability to connect has been privatized, monetized, and if this law goes through, policed. I see this as being absolutely horrible, and honestly, technically infeasible.

Maybe we all better dust off our 2400 baud modems and plan to connect through the phone lines again.

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Well, its quite a bit worse than that, @Printninja mate…

We’re basically talking about “chipping” human beings.
now, if you were to add the word Digitally… in there, ie Digitally Chipping … well, that is already being/been done!

This one is pretty hardcore… apparently the Standard British ISP and phone provider,
BT, BT Telecom, BT Group etc … supplies routers to all customers>
With built in backdoors, firmware modifications etc.

This is pretty grim

Sound far fetched? every home, service user REGARDLESS OF REASON…given a device with a monitoring back door? provided by the ISP?
check this out

that is at the point of entry. to the Internet.
and, WHEN your on it.

this site is great!

see this post there too. As, if your American etc you’re SUPPOSED to have Privacy laws (haha, just in case you were still under the illusion)
BUT… once your data leaves the States, heads to a foreign soil… where there are reciprocal arrangements in place
bingo. its theirs.

so as you state -
The entire premise of the internet is freedom. I’m free to do what I want on my computer. You’re free to do what you want on your computer. But the second we want to connect our computers (for whatever reason) we are no longer free

At the same time, the idea of every single thing I upload or post being scanned and monitored simply because Big Brother claims they want to protect us all from digital theft seems implausible. Someone is out to make a buck here."

The Internet was built on the back of the Cold War, as a way to maintain communications after a nuclear strike.
In order to effectively command and control war orders, gather intelligence and better and more effectively control the war effort.

Unfortunately it is still doing the same thing.

However, WE , collectively are now the enemy! until someone, somewhere decides WHICH SECTOR of us are undesirable and then - they have total digital fingerprints on us. Tracking via mobile devices, smart meters in homes showing when houses are using power the most , and most likely to be occupied (rolling out across the UK - not good if you DONT want a wifi transmitter in your home, either side of your head in the neighbours houses, cooking you all day and night and impossible to turn off) _ I wonder …what will be the next innovation they will then piggybank on the back of that permanent , always on, wifi transmitter, in every home…

for instance

so, …

I didnt reply sooner because this seems a little tin foil hat brigade
if… you buy into the fallacy, that anyone who is capable of free thought, can see the erosion of our very illusory Freedoms and KNOWS (from simple reading collected, collated data and reports from acknowledged experts in the field on the the subject matter) that there is Mass surveillance going on… and that there are draconian plans being put into place in all the democratic countries… some passing scrutineering, without even a Whimper from our parliaments!

such as this in the UK

So, as well as all this COVERT data collection, they now are demanding OVERT collection of EVERY SINGLE THING you put on the Internet… which of course… will add to your digital profile
Kept by someone.
judged by someone
You fit someones profile of something undesirable, or more than likely, profiled by a computer program for some

… so yeah.

its worth thinking about, people.

Are you, black, white, hispanic, gay, lesbian, transgender, care about your land, your country, a minority group, disabled, disenfranchised, living on state benefits, an asylum seeker, on the run from criminals, etc etc.

someone may want to get you for what you are.
not what you have done even.

sound far fetched?

I humbly present this link , if you have weathered the storm of my previous ones…

The concentration camps were liberated at the end of WWII.

1945> this is only 73 years ago. They managed to collate that much information WITHOUT global computer systems and target their group after group of selected targets.
oh! apart from one notable exception… the MAJOR squeaky clean Computer company… that benefitted and enabled the mass extermination records to be collated.

Did you know about IBM and their role in the exterminations of undesirables?

… all that … with Punched cards!

Look what data they have now…

This is a precise of the book, it makes for a very good, short intro, by the author.

So with regards, running web servers, web development, and being a Provider of mouth pieces for individuals and organisations of the world, and being information and Media presenters to the masses…

The Maoist revolution, only ended in 76

And that came about… after Mao tricked the intelligentsia under the Guise of chasing the snakes out of the grass
By asking them All to Critique the Communist party of China, in order to better move forward and overcome their short fallings… This was the hundred flowers movement.

It led to the executions and buring alive of hundreds of thousands, if not millions.
here you go, this is a nice summary… if there can be such a thing.

so, bare that in mind… when publishing critical Articles…er… like this?

… 42 years ago… again,
no massive computer data collection then.
Imagine its now… I mean…really…

and if that seems a little distant or well thats them, over there…

Black and coloured people in the good old US of A?

1955 In Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks (1913 – 2005) is arrested for breaking a city ordinance by refusing to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man. This defiant act gives initial momentum to the Civil Rights Movement.


…and it boggles the mind to think what would happen to the REAL original inhabitants of North America now, (the Native Americans) if current society had landed there with it’s data logging capabilities.
I have no experience of North American Indian Reservations… but the reports aren’t good.

or Canadian ones.
but… how does 1996 sound? too close for comfort?

…school children…in a state/church run system… ended only 22 years ago.
again, a people, segregated out because of ethnicity… and this is documented
and assisted by data and computer storage and systems… as is everything nowadays.

SO this stuff is REAL and CURRENT.
That stuff was ACCEPTED then as NORMAL… ITS CRAZY

So, what if you were running a site for a Black African Web site down town in Los Angeles then?
Do you really think that your house, home, car, business and self were safe?

what about now?
WHO do you work for now, WHAT are you principles? WHAT injustice (if anything) do you stand up AGAINST?

WHICH Organisations do you you represent with your work? That you both do and DONT believe in?
I don’t really care for them, but, it pays the bills
Is NOT an excuse if your running the mouthpiece of said organisation.

I think, that how our roles will be monitored… is important.
if you work for Not for Profit Organisations, anti war, pro Gay rights, raising awareness against injustice sites…
You may very well become a target.

Or , even just raising awareness of such existing injustices might make you a target.
such as this post.

But, it NEEDS to be said.

because of your job and the service you LAWFULLY provide to other LAWFUL but disgruntled individuals.
if you run their mouth piece, then
if you are incapable of carrying out that role… that mouthpiece is silenced.

SO now, they want to Check EVERYTHING you post under the banner of copyright protection.
REALLY? do you really STILL believe that? after the list I just posted?

the digital chipping is upping a gear… every single thing you say, do, create, work, will be data logged, cross verified and ATTRIBUTED to you… or another.

and if your POST is outspoken Critique of … them or unjust practices and is NOT attributed to … another.
then, you are the instigator.

I again post this, by Martin Niemöller, 1892–1984 (he’s lived through the times I posted links about)

First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

now, just add…
Then they came for the information providers
They had come for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

It’s worth thinking about.

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You are a man after my own heart.

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Ok, one comment… ONE COMMENT!

On the largest threat to the entire ecosystem that most people on here ,utilise for their Occupation, education, informations sharing and expression.


We have until JULY 5th to contact our MEP (Members of European Parliament) and kick up a sh*t storm about this bad bad package of law. especially article 13

check out this site.

and in the UK… MP’s (Members of Parliament, Government Employees)

Are ALREADY proposing extending this UNIMPLEMENTED LAW… to CENSOR what THEY (or whoever they are, in the future) deem to be Extremist … wow.

Stephen Doughty, Conservative MP… if you know this guy, CONTACT HIM! if he is anything to do with you and let him know what a poor visionary Dufus he his being.

its not even in. …and this extension has NOTHING to do with copyright.

This is why, and how, in the UK, we have Schools videoing parents and Councils filming people putting rubbish in their bins…
…to prosecute them.
Under the anti Terror laws… really? Bins? School catchment areas?

This is the danger we face.

Extend the existing laws for other purposes

or as Microsoft use

Embrace, Extend, Extinguish

and here is an easier to digest summary

@Printninja re: images give this a go I think you’ll be surprised at how well it works!

Reverse Image Lookup

Why go through a gateway, why not go directly to Google’s image search?



for now…

check out September

We just avoided carpet Bombing of the Internet and free Speech.

this is GREAT NEWS.


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That’s great news. Congrats!

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OK! Keeping this current, since EVERYONE was so interested in just how this would effect the entire medium they used to earn their living, hobbies, keeping their dreams alive… not!

here you go! some info links

and a list of all the MEP (Members of European Parliment) in the EU and how they voted.
if your in one of those countries and ACTUALLY want the Internet to carry running as it does so you can ACTUALLY use it…

Find yours and lobby them!

And…just in case there are any SLOVENIANS… in this audience… Cough cough…oh! Hi @matjaz,


Just ONE vote for this Internet Annihilating Law.

My! What a nice country! I must go there some time :slight_smile:

At the risk of being seen as supportive of such subversive views, I would like to see the relevant portions of this discussion combined into a single Medium post so that others can view them in proper context.
Who is willing to give attribution and have their name/s flagged even further on some blacklist?

May I humbly suggest that you fulfil said wish by pursuing this noble endeavour yourself?
… then post us the Medium link?


It’s not like I haven’t handled some heat, with thirteen lawsuits over the past 18 years, but I’d hate to see any of my Pinegrow friends sue me for copyright infringement.

Seeing as I am already eternally damned by some self-defeating desire to help humanity, I suggest the following.

If the two of you polish up the post so that it is on point and as thoughtfully condensed as possible, I will post my first Medium blog after I first review it and have a chance to “stockpile provisions”.

You can be sure that that term alone has generated more computer power at the NSA than a bitcoin mining operation in China. Ha.

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… POLISH!@!!?

This! my good man, is a finely cut Gemstone… HONED. , with crystalline edges of Razor like Sharpness.

Pah! there is no place to left to Polish…

… I left you a few mere crumbs to dust… there is nothing left to polish…>
So feel free to still my blood and sweat and toil and go wild and crazy over on Medium…

I may check the current situation for updates…but as it has taken me 3 days , JUST to get a functional, multi level (apparently its better for mobile to use sidebars… yawns…) Dropdown nav item to work,
I wouldn’t hole your breathe on prompt handy work in that department just yet.

Oh yes and I now have trawl through 24 years of paperwork to go to Legal professionals (financial asset strippers would be a better term) in order to stop corrupt uk local authorities from stealing/destroying my apartment/should be my home,…after boarding it up for 24 years, hounding me out of my own property and cutting my water off for 7 years.

so yeah, tell me about legal…why dont you :stuck_out_tongue:
ps (I hope your well over there, but dont tell anyone over there, Or I too will get tarred and feathered with the *Les Henderson/Marilyn Monro/JFK Axis of Evil Brush… )

Pinegrow is clearly a draw for revolutionary web designers, even though semantic scholars or thought police enforcers may one day question the alternative meanings of the term revolutionary.

ie. It can also describe just about any shit disturber, or even a collective of inebriated men/women on an unfocused mission to save humanity from its current narcissistic, selfy-view of life by pointing out certain dangers of which they have no concern.

Had I not thought that your joint, well-formed, treatise was immediately worthy of widespread glory I would not have offered to expropriate it as my own glowing wisdom.

Time to do the important is always at a premium.

With your mutual permission and feedback, I’d like to see your shared and sensible views see the light of day, even if it spells darkness for myself.

Oh, my commonwealth brethren, I’m here in Canada, not the southern Floridian land of litigation unbounded, from which 99% of my legal concerns arise.

GO wild(er) and Crazy(ier)

Do you know that in the UK (which now has the most Draconian Surveillance laws in Europe.)

After the introduction of the Criminal Justice Act in the mid 90’s , (1994)
(which , when it was being proposed as a bill kicked of the whole Kill the Bill movement in the uk)

it passed… since then
something like TWO People is an illegal gathering

SIX Vehicles together is an illegal convoy?

etc etc

Check out

and if bored or interested, check out

oh yeah and learn about the


you can youtube it…it might raise some Eyebrows…

I lived on the road for 7 years, in an old converted post office truck,
after I Left the Parachute Regiment. -so then I was apparently a New Age Travller
Really? was I?
Who says so?

Oddly enough, I didnt really fit in either of those genres too well>
Guess what?
I still dont :slight_smile:

but I learnt a lot about justice and yet I have been a me to myself throughout it all.
And something else to others…a Variable thing.

and here I am.doing legal crap… to sort out…stuff that harkens back to those days.
25 years ago.
sweet Jesus!

STilll , u know about legal stuff too… :slight_smile:what a balls ache

And so I went from Working for the state - being upstanding in Britain
And hated in Northern Ireland
to being Hated in Britain… and not in Northern Ireland anymore, but would have been hated if back there -£1000 bounty on our heads,
In fact I still wear this guys Windproof smock, (Combat jacket)

Tony Harrison

near the bottom of the page… the only black guy there… funnily enough I mentioned that to him before he returned to Northern Ireland after leaving the Paras to go live in NI with his Irish Girlfriend.
… really really really… not a smart move.
As like the ONLY other Black guy in Belfast…

I had an eerie moment last year when My then girlfriend borrowed my smock to go to. the toilet as I was reading a book.

as she left,
I got to the bit where He was killed.
I was reading a book written by the driver of the get away car of his murder…
She returned, I said nothing, but just stared at my smock for quite a while.

this is him going on about it, the Driver.

And …then I was an Ambulance driver, in a uniform and loved again.

now, well, I’m a me.

and Bemused/confused by the whole experience of life, but
Realise that what. you are, and what you SEEM to be, and what people think of you and your type can change like the wind.

… so People should really be wary… and be protected from their protectors
and protect themselves.

over here, it didnt happen.
Sleep walking into the slaughter house

Once someone in authority decides that YOU represent a particular THEM!
your screwed. You might not even be a THEM , never were or maybe was but no longer are…
but, crazy B89tards get in power.

Nazi’s, Fundamentialists (Christian ones too! ANY religious zealots) Communist dictators (which is kind of an oxymoron! the PRINCIPLE of Communism is pretty sound.
the PRACTICAL APPLICATION…er…doesnt really have the best track record in the world)

Trump…>Adolph… go figure.
Black people segregated the Land of the Free until the 1950s… WHAT???
…while the actual native Americans liver on reserves

And people thing this stuff is far fetched