Not seeing "columns" in row - Walkthrough Video

[edit] - figured it out… the “Grid” button at the top of the window needed to be pressed -after- restarting Pinegrow.

Not sure how to delete a post here…


I’m doing my homework & following along to this video.

When the row is dropped in place in the video, I see that it has 12 columns.

However, when I follow along, my row stays gray with no visible columns. I’m not sure if this is something I can adjust as a default, or something else, maybe…

Any help appreciated -


Those are just the visual helpers, they’re not actual columns. You won’t “see” the columns until you actually add them to the row. To enable the visual helpers, click the dropdown arrow next to the “toggle visual helpers” icon in the top bar, and select “Bootstrap 4 (or 3) Grid”

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Perhaps a word to this:

It’s not necessary (mostly :slight_smile: ) to delete a post. Simply share in detail - even in an answer “to yourself” - how you solved it. Others may have exactly the same problem - and they’re happy having the answer by hand.




Hi Thomas - good point.