Grid Handle No Longer Available in 5.92 release


In the Grid CSS video training, the grid handle was there in the older version of Pinegrow. It is no longer available when I follow the video training again in 5.92 release

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Are you sure the “Visual helper” to show this is still enabled?
You need “Selected element border & controls” to be active :ballot_box_with_check:, to show these CSS grid handles.


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Still not showing up. The “Selected element border & controls” was already active. Thanks.

You have defined the CSS Grid on the body tag.

I see only “white space”, did you place any elements on the page (and select one)…??
Those “drag handles” are only visible when there is something selected, that is inside the parent element with the defined grid (in your case the body), that can be positioned on the grid.

It looks now if you have an empty page, with nothing on it, only an empty body.

Place some elements/tags inside the body (drag something from the Library panel onto the page or to the Tree panel). For example an H1, so you have something with text you can see and select.

If i’m wrong with this assumption, and the body is not empty, can you show a screenshot from the source code. So we can see that and inspect it for you.

There are now 3 elements in the body.

The second picture shows all the visual helpers are enabled.

Thanks for the extra info, that’s indeed strange that you don’t see the visual helpers in the pageview area.
Did you try to re-install Pinegrow, to see if that fixes the problem (maybe something corrupt).

Or you can wait for v5.93, which will be released soon.To see if that will fix it for you.
Or wait for a response from Pinegrow Support (I’m sure they read your post).

I have uninstalled and installed Pinegrow. The problem is fixed. Thank you!!!

Good to hear that it’s working now!