ODD UI , project Thumbnail behaviour

Ok, I’ll put it in bug report, but I’m not sure if its really that or more a quirk or feature.

Ok, when working with Froala blocks and @RobM 's fine tutorial, when adding the Froala blocks to the Library panel, you

R…E…A…L…L…Y …

have to stretch it to see the content.
Yes, like that above, welll more like this

Looks crazy huh?
what with my Actual Design view half hidden under the tree and all…

Well, that is the quirk.

I guess I must have shut pinegrow down like that, as when I next opened it up,
… the project thumbnail… contains the actual Pinegrow Interface, over half the thumbnail!


Well, ok, not half, but, you know, I’m pretty sure its Not supposed to be there :slight_smile:

Now THIS might be a bug, Or Ive forgotten how do do it /am doing it wrong.

ive done the tutorial, added the Froala blocks, all is well and dandy ,make the bonkers thumbnail for my project, closed project,


when I reopen it and click on index.html,
I see NO Froala blocks in the visual library manager, ie

but as you can see, its loaded AND activated.
I just have to go through the process of adding it via the + button at the top again, each time.

Should I have to do this, or is it supposed to be remembered and appear there when i open the project?

It’s no biggie as it is just one drop down click away in the blue recents when I click the + button, but I thought I should mention it, in case Im doing some thing wrong.

Ok thanks, Bye

Hey @schpengle,
The thumbnail glitch is odd! I’ll have to try to replicate it. As for stretching the Library panel to see components, would zooming out using the magnifying glass at the top help?

As to the Froala Library tab, how are you adding it? If I save it as part of a project I can load it into any new project. Maybe you are only saving it in association with a single page?


I…er… dont know!
I THOUGHT i’d followed the tutorial.

Ah, ok!

Wel, this is my process,

  1. Find Plugins/kits/blocks etc -DOWNLOAD
  2. UNPACK to a common Pinegrow Resource directory.
  3. Add/Install them from THIS directory - so I have one big directory of all INSTALLED Pinegrow stuff.


Downloaded and copied to To the first directory, in diagram,
(downloaded) -so zips stay here.

decompressed too and then installed from 2nd directory.
(installed) -decompressed, actively installed, here

and in my particular case, id created a custom Pinegrow Library view page called froala.html which i saved IN the original froala directory, and it is this which I add in as my pinegrow library page to get my funky, slimmed down library asset navigation view, ass opposed to contact.html in your tutorial.

Ive also moved the CSS and Images directories to Assets and used the
fix links tool.
Now THAT was lovely and painless! FAB!

now that the smoke of battle is blowing away and I’m looking with eyes anew,
I see that none of the actual pages are listed in the project view.

Should they be somewhere?
but it’s a plugin so no idea.

So - you are opening the froala.html page as a Library tab, correct?

yep :slight_smile:

blah blah blah… 20 characters…blah blah
Should it appear in the project pages?

Gah - trying to wrap my head around the best way to do this. Basically, if you have the froala tut folder with the froala.html open as a Library tab and any empty BS page, save that as a project, and then activate it in a new project it should open your Froala tab in the library.

Ok, had a quick look around that.
Doesnt seem to work straight away …

its activated in the manage libraries drop down but doesnt appear in library assets in visual view.
will look later.

horses now , must run!

seems to work.
will see what I did wrong.

panicky horse person running away fast