PG 5.99 Crashes with two page view and tailwind css

PG version 5.99 Crashes while using tailwind css and when I add a new page view, one for MD view and the other for All views.


Thank you for your feedback. However we will need more details.
I invite you to contact our technical support as soon as possible: (following our advices there will be very useful)

Thank you.

5.99 is also crashing for me if I’m using Tailwind and try to manipulate stylesheets. If I try to add or change anything in a custom sheet or change sheet order it crashes immediately. End result I can’t make custom CSS edits in Pinegrow.
The same site was fine this morning before I updated.

Update: I tried editing the custom stylesheet from VS Code and it also makes Pinegrow crash.

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Hello @ehigiepaul and @HookedHangman,

Thank again for your feedback.
Please, thank you to contact our technical support as soon as possible: Contact Us | Pinegrow Web Editor (following our advices there will be very useful)

The more details we receive about the process that led to this situation, the better we can investigate and find the origin of a possible problem.

The details of your system, a ZIP containing your project, the step by step detail of your process, a video demonstration of the problem are all elements that can give us clues. The faster we receive your details, the faster we can find the origin of an issue, if there is an issue with PG.

Thank you.

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The crash is now occurs often and i noticed the app hangs before crashes

You’re right. I’ve also noticed a lot of lag. Even when I get an project to commit CSS changes it takes a lot longer. Definitely something wrong.

I found a temporary fix, just delete your pinegrow user data folder located in your %USERPROFILE%\appdata\local\Pinegrow
Delete the User Data folder.

I have been using it for some hours now and no crash.

Thanks for the tip. The crashes seem better but still seeing lag.

But at least it’s not crashing. Thanks very much

@HookedHangman @ehigiepaul Thank you for your feedback.

We have now identified the source of the problem and the next Pinegrow release will resolve the situation. It should be available within 2 weeks.


I had the same. Could you try disabling Browsersync and also make sure that your custom.css is above the rule where tailwind.css is imported in your HTML? It still crashed some cases for me but makes it doable to edit your styles and save frequently.

You should also point out that people settings and credentials get removed that way. So please have your licence at hand if you do this and also make sure you restore your settings afterwards

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