Pinegrow Crashing after saving Custom.css + Tailwind.css

Hello there! I’m using Pinegrow 5.99 and I’m having issues with using a custom.css file in conjunction with Tailwind.css and VScode, plus running browsersync (having related issues of vs-code plugin crashing too).

Steps to reproduce;

Create a custom.css file, load it before tailwind.css file (mine used css variables to feed tailwind.css some tokens to parse) and create a new rule in the custom.css file. Save the .css file, Pinegrow will tell you “saved in external editor”, and once you click on an element it hangs for a second and crashes.

From my own development experience I think there is one obvious reason; it’s reloading all the css which may take a while, but in the background there is a timer running that kills the application after X-amount of time. That or it just runs into a problem and shuts down because it can’t parse what’s happening.

I admire the Pinegrow team for their support btw, and I’m not trying to make anyone here look bad. I love the app, the team and the way it enables me to work. I hope peope who read this also get this too because people bash all the time. But PG has implemented some features as of lately that in conjunction kill the trust you have in the app operating as normal.

I would rather see some stuff removed in that regard in favor of one feature well done (Tailwind 2.0) because adding a dependency as a service (browsersync) there where you used to have a simpler way of doing that; not in PG, it’s made for visually editing code, not an IDE replacement. I hope you get that too, that I never intended PG to be a dev-tool but a design-tool for developers.

Second, I would lastly like to point to a possible cause of PG crashing because custom.css is saved and browser-sync is running; delta-time

the “late-update” of a running process in Pinegrow is behind VS-code because Browsersync runs independently of Pinegrow. This can result in a timely micromanaging situation where in the cascade a process is started/ended sooner than it could pick it up, because another process is running things still.

Simply put, the communication of VS-code, Pinegrow and Browsersync needs to be in sync, just like how multi-player videogames use a Lampert-clock (or Lamport-clock, I forgot) to make up for the time in between communication of players. Also known as lag if there is no such clock in place.

Browsersync rebuilds a cache I believe, but does it take that from Pinegrow or VScode, since they are connected first and can sometimes create conflicts based on “time”.