PG Interface Question

I find the PG interface somewhat confusing - but I’m sure I will “get used to it”…

But I’m wondering why some options provided, and others not?

For instance, WEIGHT of a font has a dropdown of choices, while SIZE for background is not - you have to type in COVER, or whatever you want. Even a list of common FONTS are not provided in a dropdown.

I find this to be frustrating and more time consuming to have to fill in these fields by manually typing, rather than just selecting from a dropdown…

I’m not bashing here - perhaps there is a reason - I’m just used to other interfaces providing those options.

Any thoughts?


yep indeed, that’s something I already mentioned as well Data-Attributes

In short, with PGD version 3 we can expect some things regarding “Interface Design”. Fingers crossed.



That’s good feedback and valid points with those examples.

Perhaps Pinegrow 3 when it arrives will better address some of these interface issues and unifications. Time will tell, but lets hope there is a big push in this area and with the overall thought process in terms of interaction within the app.

As I have stated previously:

… good UI / UX you really have to understand the best way for users to input and interact with information, it’s structure, organization and segmentation with in the app …

And yes a big part of that is input choices and types: simple user input vs sliders, or input with the option to also use a slider, dropdowns, tabs, radio, checkboxes, toggles, expanding and collapsing features, module popups for expanded inputs and features, docking and undocking, etc., etc.,

Logical, common, natural input and interaction as well as ease of use for the user based upon generalized software standards will make Pinegrow more attractive to new users and allow even further rapid development for current users.

I am sure the developers are well aware of these and similar things and will at some point advance Pinegrow in those areas. Again, perhaps Version 3 will be the beginning of this progression of addressing and advancing the UI / UX needs.

PG will be redesigned and reoriented in version 3.0, and the properties panel will be easier to navigate and easier to use, also new props will be added.

A list of common FONTS are not provided in a dropdown.

Have you checked Manage assets you can browse and add Google Fonts!, check this post.