PHP and includes: When are they going to be implemented


Using PHP includes has nothing to do with front or back end, but is a smart way to deal with duplicate code on a website! I do both front and back like many people nowadays.

I have seen more people asking about this on the forum.

Just purchased Pinegrow this week and noticed that PHP includes are not working. Of course I got it working because I also have Mamp Pro, but it would be more convenient if it works strait out of Pinegrow.

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Hi there @AllMediaLab, Well done on working this one out for yourself.
I have just moved your Post to the feature request section for you (just changed its catagory, that’s all)
So that it will come up there with similar queries, for the devs.

PHP includes do work out of the box, it’s just not very user-friendly unless you’ve done it a few times. Coding them versus using PG is quite different. For PG, you’ll select an element or section you’d like to include and using the WP actions, you’ll create a template part. Once it creates that part and places it in your project folder, you can include it by using another WP action. Of course, you can always do this manually, and for some cases, that’s exactly what I still do. Just wanted to clarify this, because it’s a bit tricky with the interface.

Thanks but I’m talking about using it in Bootstrap 4 and on regular websites and Sublime Text 3.