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PHP, included files


I*d like to give Pinegrow a chance to become my main-webdesign-app. I’m impressed by the features and possibilities. So far it is a very cool app in myopinion.
One thing:
Most Sites i program with PHP and included code blocks (like for instance “header.php”).
When I open now a page with included files the included blocks don’t show up.
Instead there stands “include(‘inc/header.php’)”.
Is there a way to show (and edit) the included files like they appear in the (complete) page on the browser?
For instance with localhost?

And one more question: How can I work together with the “Atom”-Editor?

Thanks for your answers.
Have a nice day,

Several Questions

Given you have PRO, it’s File -> Manage Libraries & Plugins -> Server Side Scripts to activate and it should do the game.




I’m afraid that didn’t the trick
Although I did what you said, it shows up like the screen I attached.

Kind Regards, Ecki


Pinegrow is not designed to work with included php. You should look at the tutorials on how pinegrow works with server side code like php. They are found in pinegrow itself via the coffee cup on top right side or in the support menu option I believe. There are Youtube videos also you can watch that goes into further details but are older versions of PG though will give you the basics.


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