PHP Error in exported PHP Block?

Facing an issue while exporting a newly created block.
WordPress shows me this:

syntax error, unexpected identifier "context", expecting ")"

What’s causing this?
It happens if there is an “Block Inner Content” Smart Action added.

The project setting defaults to PHP Blocks, i have to change the Block to a JS Block manually to get it work with Inner Block.

@MichelyWeb can you please send your source project to support at pinegrow com? I can’t replicate the issue here. The exported PHP code shown above seams fine. There might be an issue somewhere else.

@matjaz done. Thanks.

Thanks @MichelyWeb! Repeating the response here in case others are facing the same issue:

I found and fixed the issue with PHP blocks that have Inner content on the top element. The fix will be out in the next release. Till then the workaround is to either use JS blocks or to add an inner DIV or similar with Inner content action.