Pinegrow 3 - Preview of improved Library Panel

Just thought I’d repost a link to the preview of PG3 Library Panel, not sure if everyone receives the email newsletter or are part of the Slack team so here’s the link:

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@Rob 3.0 is coming along nicely

Looking at the new features, someone may set a world record for building a responsive website!

I’d have to agree with you on that. Its looking like Matjaz and the PG team are putting together a fantastic app! Looking forward to when its released into the wild.

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The trouble is, the easier Pinegrow makes developing websites, the more you come to rely on the software for your projects, which is awesome for saving time, but sometimes its actually better to forget about the software and build the entire website from a text editor and then return to Pinegrow!

So I may resist the temptation to load up PInegrow 3.0 (if released soon) and save it for a nice summers day.