Pinegrow 3 information?

I see references to a new version which will be a rewrite from my understanding of Pinegrow. Is there any information about the new version anywhere? Will I need to completely relearn Pinegrow?

My Trial is going to run out before I can test everything I want to but should I wait for version 3 to come out before buying Pinegrow? Especially if it is going to be dramatically different than the current version.


It depends on how you’re using Pinegrow as remember the Panel to the left represents the framework and the panel to the right represents your website.

Any changes/features are just going to be enhancements or making the software more user friendly for everyone regardless of their ability.

If you learn PInegrow (in its current state) new versions aren’t going to mean relearning the software, rather certain aspects are easier/quicker or new features are added.

Thanks for your response. I wonder if there is a time line as to when version 3 will be released or if there is any features listed anywhere on the new version?

In other forums by competitors there are discussions by beta testers so you get an idea of what is going on though I don’t see that here at Pinegrow.

Yeah that would be nice Terry but maybe there are beta testers underground lol we just can’t see the discussions! :grinning:

The way I see Pinegrow, is the software is designed to make life easier, rapid development and doesn’t generate proprietary coding, so in my mind i’m learning html/css bootstrap or whatever framework, rather than learning Pinegrow, if that makes sense.

So regardless of what changes new versions bring, whatever i’ve learnt so far isn’t lost and if new software has extra buttons or more options, its just a case of playing around, but maybe not everyone uses Pinegrow for the same reasons and isn’t interested in certain frameworks.

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Doesn’t help those of us looking at the software as an initial purchase though. Would be nice to see that PG is being developed actively as well as for the future. I am sure it is but seeing that would help.

Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

We haven’t yet released much about the 3.0. The main reason is that the design-part of the new UI is still under development.

Anyway, we’ll be doing more of that starting now. Here is a quick recording of the new drag and drop that works with multiple selected elements:

One good thing about our team is that we aren’t any good with hyping things up :slight_smile: So whatever we make is as good as we promised, or even better. And people aren’t disappointed when we actually release something.