Pinegrow 6.2 slow on MacOSX 10.15.7 and freezes when typing in .scss files


Well done on launching 6.2, I’m excited about the new features. Love Pinegrow!!

Just downloaded and installed Pinegrow 6.2.

It’s much slower than 6.1 (and earlier versions). It lags on all tasks.

And typing in a .scss file causes Pinegrow to freeze (sometimes lasting up to 10 seconds), this was actually happening in 6.1 as well.

My system is MacBook Pro on 10.15.7
Processor: 2GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5,
Memory: 16GB 3733 MHz

Many thanks, Tim

Hi @timbowerbank,
I’m surprised at the slowdown. We have gotten this complaint with the newer M1 processor, but not your type of machine. We will look into it, but i’m wondering if you need to do a reinstall of Pinegrow. Maybe there is something else running on your system that is conflicting?

Thanks for your quick reply Bob,

I’ve gone back to 6.1.1 for now as it was too slow.

What do you recommend for debugging?

And what would you recommend for a clean install?

Also, the freezing in .scss files still occurs in 6.1.1.


Can you post a screenshot of the console from the freeze-up? To get to the console, right-click the Pinegrow logo and select “Inspect”. This will open the DevTools. Then click on the console tab. I would imagine you would open this first, then do something in Pinegrow to trigger the freeze.

Hi Bob,

I’ve upgraded to 6.21 this morning. The lag is better but it’s still not as fast as it has been pre 6.2. It’s still freezing when you type in a sass file but not always - the only output to the console is a parsing error which outputs as I type.

It’s also:

  • the main view is forgetting the styles in a sass file… I need to select the main refresh button to get PG to refresh the styles.
  • opening a new page is taking a very long time, this then triggers the above forgetting of styles
  • if you immediately shut down the opened page it says there are changes, which, of course, there are none…

I’m going to attach some screenshots to an email as it is work for a client.

I’m rolling back to 6.1.

With thanks,


Performance optimizations

Release 6.2 was noticebly slower than previous versions. The cause was updating to a newer NWJS build. It appears that newer versions of Chromium are more sensitive to DOM updates done in non-optimal way. This is forcing us to dig under the hood and fix code that caused unneccessary layout and style recalculation in the browser. So, it’s not all bad :slightly_smiling_face: Our tests show that Pinegrow is now noticably faster (at least compared to 6.2). Let us know how it goes for you. More to come.

Try the update now on Pinegrow Live: