Huge Pauses When Modifying SCSS in custom.scss (when using the Style panel)

I have started coming up to speed with Pinegrow, but I ran into a usability problem fairly quickly.

I am building from Bootstrap 5 (plain index.html). The page just has some basic container/single column and text.

I added the Bootstrap SCSS from Page menu (Customize & Update Bootstrap Theme). I then added some @import statements to custom.scss (Google Fonts).

I then went to the Style panel, selected _variables.scss, searched for “font” and located the $headings-font-weight variable. I then asked it to make a copy to custom.scss. I then flipped over to custom.scss in the Style panel and clicked on the style variable to Edit it.

Now the fun began. The variable edit dialog popped up, but then every. time. I. typed. a. character. into the field, Pinegrow would go away for 10-20 seconds and become totally unresponsive/locked up.

Do I have some “compile SCSS” setting tuned too aggressively (since I figure it’s trying to recompile all of bootstrap in the background or something as I am typing - best guess).

Has anyone else seen this?

Thank you.

Hi @claycle! Can you please try the Live version of Pinegrow Web Editor that contains some not yet released performance optimizations?

Let me know if goes.