PineGrow changes PHP [value=" "] code

I’m developing a new site that is using PHP to register, update user, forgot password and login the user to a restricted page. I’m using WebAssist’s extension in DWCS6 to generate all the code, then embed it into my PG-designed pages. Been working great until I upgraded to PG 5.2.1 - now I’m noticing that some of the PHP code gets altered if I save it in PG. For Example:

Changes after saving in PineGrow:


Note that the value becomes corrupted. I’ve reported this as a bug to the Tech at PG… is this happening to anyone else?

@randyrie the fix for this will be out tomorrow in 5.3


I’ll grab the update as soon as it’s available… :grinning:

… forgot to say THANK YOU @matjaz for the quick fix.

BTW, how do you pronounce your name? Your name often comes up in conversions with staff and I want to make sure I’m pronouncing it correctly.

First google result

@randyrie you’re welcome. But let’s wait to see if the fix will work outside of our lab :slight_smile: The PHP code in those snippets is very convoluted.

The pronunciation linked by @schpengle is correct.

I just again applied the code generated by DWCS6 to a new website using PG Pro 5.3 and the code remained unaffected when saved.


So for me, the update does correct the issue I earlier reported.

I have an almost identical workflow. I have been using webassist for years and develop the hard stuff made simple by webassist in DW CC 2014. Then import it into pinegrow, I LOVE PINEGROW and have been using it since version 1, and it has come A LONG WAY, thanks Matjaz. However some of this stuff is getting rolled into bootstrap/pinegrow very quickly and I find I’m using webassist less frequently except for the mysqli stuff. Webassist, Ray, does provide EXCELLENT SUPPORT, and always has. I have found that PINEGROW and webassist are required to retain ones sanity in development and design.

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I agree, @gorgar, Ray Bourdin has always provided reliable tech support for WebAssist’s extensions and has often spent time working with me on tech-issues. He helped me to get the Security Assist login suite embedded into one of my sites that I can now use as a working template:

This extension is the only PHP suite I’ve found that enables dB-backed authentication, login, password reset, and page-protection all in one extension for ol’ reliable DWCS6 or any of the newer CC apps by Adobe. If only Webassist and PineGrow would merge their expertise into one development package, the world of web building would be a much friendlier place. Sigh!