Using latest Pingrow WP Pro version with VSCode is messing everything up!

I have updated my Pinegrow WP Pro Personal license to the latest release and started to use it and I have a mayor problem!

When opening the html template I´m using in Pinegrow in VS Code and editing anything in VSCode the VSCode goes bonkers!
The content flips between empty and normal repeatingly until i force stop it by closing VSCode completely and when going back to Pinegrow I have a blank page, everything that was there before is gone, why is this happening?

Can you please contact the support so we can try to find the origin of the issue.

Note: We have tested VSC + Pinegrow without issue, so maybe there is something related to another extension or something.

I have done so, I seem to have the problem inside Pinegrow also.

When I edit the theme settings in Pinegrow and pick my local installed wordpress and hit export, Pinegrow goes into a exporting loop it looks like and my fan spins up like crazy. When the process is finished I have an empty file ones again inside pinegrow.

The file I am working on is Bootstrap 4.4.1

@MeetMario it might be an issue with the location of the export folder. Is it located inside the Pinegrow project?

No it is not. But I have uninstalled Pinegrow and the vscode addon in for pinegrow and reinstalled everything again and now everything seems to work again. Do not know what went wrong…

Well, well, well! Here’s some good news.
Anyway, thank you for keeping us informed of the resolution of your problem.

Sorry to say but I still have problems despite me reinstall my software… :frowning:

I have found the problem and are trying to go to the bottom of it.

What is happening:

I open a folder on my desktop as project in pinegrow ( the folder I will convert to a wordpress theme ) this one I have already converted to a wordpress theme before but the new theme is in another location inside my local wordpress dev and then open the same desktop folder in folder view in VS Code. I start editing something in VS Code and when finished I save the work and the loop starts in Pinegrow. Pinegrow freezes up and it starts exporting to my local wordpress dev again with error about code in external editor has some syntax errors and auto refresh. It is something in this operation that is the problem. Any idea on what it can be?