Pinegrow editor - show a list of open files?

If I have multiple files opened in the Pinegrow editor, the file names are shown in the horizontal tabs toward the top of the editor. However, with many open files, the tab widths are limited and the file names are truncated. This is especially troubling if I have several files that have the same initial characters so that I can’t determine which is which without actually clicking on the tab. For example, I have files “acoustic_loss” and “acoustic_intensity”. Each tab is just shown as “acoustic…” (see image). Hovering over the tab doesn’t show any further information (typically I would expect this to show the full file name and possibly the full path).

Is there a way to see a list of all open files?

Don C.

Hi @dculp,
No way to list the open files, sorry. You can think of the Page View as a browser (which it basically is behind the scenes). Each of your files is just a tab on the browser. Unfortunately, the “Window” menu isn’t like the browser window menu that lists the files.