File - Open Project Folder

Hello All,

I’d like to see a “Open Project Folder” option in the file menu that would open the project folder in the users file manager for quick access to the projects files.

Are Your sure your actually using Pinegrow?
and not Notepad?

That will give you quick access to all the files in a project to work on -in Pinegrow, but not in your OS’ file manager.
So do. you mean open in Finder Mac or "open in Explorer* win, sort of thing?
Open project Directory

Correct I meant just a link to the users OS file manager. Open project directory as you put it is probably much clearer.

You mean like this?

@Printninja hee hee hee…

no not really,
he wants Pinegrow to Open Windows explorer at the root directory of the project.
Or Macs finder.


I figured it out as I was having some creative fun with my own graphics answer :smiley:

In other words, Pinegrow would need to store the location on the computer of each project with the project itself. That kinda makes sense, but that’s what the icons are for, no?

He is asking for Pinegrow to open ANOTHER program
And have it open at the ROOT directory of his project.

so he can do whatever he wants to do.
he doesn’t want to view the directory in Pinegrow.
he wants it in explorer/finder/nautilus whatever, so that he can do all his right click, draggy droopy goodness with THAT other programs Contextrual …stuff

Haha, well it sounds kind of silly now put like that but that is definitely the gist. I had been playing with openElement the last few months off and on and found it to be a handy little menu option. Time saving device, saving seconds and putting them in a jar sort of thing.